seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

we sure love to paaarty...

first it was the new year...
yes, as horrible as the weather was, as bewildered as it was hearing chinese tunes in a club, i had a great time new year's eve.
thx to fab, vero, a glass of baileys, chivas and free toys, it was appropriate to welcome the new year wif a big BANG of confetti.

next it was saying a reluctant goodbye to a great 2007...
it was so great that various fortune tellers told me that luck was on my side and that it was my best time to tie the knot... wic obviously i did not!
i was happier to 'spread' my fortune in the 'education' department instead.
not one who is used to getting marvelous results, i thank my lucky stars for the As i see in my transcript and of course, the scholarship i was granted almost at the end of the year.

then it was finding a new confidant that i so often confide in....
LACUNA turns one today people and that's all reason to celebrate.
and celebrate we will, below are posts specially hand-picked to represent each month.
posts are picked according to my personal joy of blogging them or according to people's joy reading them, determined thru having the most blog reactions that month. even a tagged made the cut (december) bt what can i say, i enjoyed tagging x'mas! :)
(pic below frm flickr)

jan : heavily panting, moaning, bitching and a tennis match
feb : being bald and beautiful?
mac: sir, your fly's open...
apr : why chocolate is the best substitute for sex...
may: first day of work and a pair of distressed ass!
june: life as an employee
july : dos and donts in RWMF
aug : jerk with a small package
sept: smell...
oct : irene's attempt to be god!
nov : fairy tales dont exist in my world...
dec : tagging x'mas

so here's a big thank you to all my different readers from all the 5 continents of the world. hope LACUNA was just as fun for u as it was for me.
and no... dont sink into oblivion, nt just yet... 2008 will be a blast! trust me.
LACUNA's gonna pack her bags and try surviving in another continent soon.

3 gaps filled:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

lacuna was on dictionary.com's word of the day at my page's widget say 2-3 days ago? man. i know it's like i've been totally ignorant of all of u only till when class is about to begin. i've been quite anti social this hols. vero msged me on msn and i said i gotta go. and i think that was only last week. sho sorry. glad u guys had fun during new years. cheers.

phyl said...

sam: oh was it? cool...
no worries. new years was OK minus d heavy rain. if u tink u've been totally ignorant bout our wer-abouts here's a quick update: aaron was in miri until recently, vero's been workin in salvation lk usual, shell's been busy workin for her pastor in bethany, fab's been busy bein an 'ahmad' 4 his bros and i was sick for the past week.der u c, nt much activity goin around anyway. :) dont feel bad
i guess i'll c u in class nex mon.

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