seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

irene's attempt to be god!

Anaesthesia© says:
photoshop mks me feel like GOD
irene wanted to turn me into a Blythe Doll...

i personally do not like blythe dolls... i think they are freaky but i obliged in the end, it's the only time u see phyl wif larger eyes so yeah i consented to it... (fab must be smirking now!)

attempt no. 1

yes, it's meant to be laughed at...
bt here, let me show you what went wrong (in case you're wondering) :-

i) irene aka god had to emphasize on my already protruding forehead by making it larger as though as i have an XXL brain that my head needs to cater for
ii) am blessed with a wrinkle-free face... HONEST! bt thx to photoshop, irene somehow managed to give me aging creases under my left eye!!!! she gave me wrinkles... at the tender age of 22... what's wrong with this god!
iii)irene aka god gave me HUGE chihuahua eyes... n furry brows! brows looking a lot like fucker the caterpillar... irene had to rub it in by sayin dat dey looked lk lalang! hmph
iv) i looked bald..
v) overall i look no different frm a retarded gremlin or some humanised alien...

guess i find great satisfaction in mocking myself n requested irene to dollify me once more...

attempt no.2


i look lk a child with brain tumour who shudnt b too happy about it... bt kudos to irene for the porcelain skin she gave me...
funny... i always wanted big eyes and smooth skin bt i never once pictured myself looking this weird honestly!
think phyl shall stay contented with her 'sepet' eyes at least for now!

OWH btw...

god photoshopped herself too

so kek cute!

p/s: irene, thx 4 all the trouble though... somehow you managed to make me laugh hysterically at myself :)

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Chienne said...

i wanted to ask you, but didn't dare to - what's with all the animals on your head anyway?

Arth Akal said...

Mine's next, missy. I can do it myself but Irene can do it better now that she has more practice.

haha. Honestly, the 2nd one looks good!

phyl said...

chienne:i was in the midst of a very boring lecture... puttin animals on my head was a way to entertain myself n fellow classmates!

arth: yeah i heard u'r gonna b d nex male subject... post it in ur blog wen irene's done k... me want to view... MUAHAHAHA

bian3033 said...


aaronparan said...

oh wow.

i really dont have anything to say.

kehvin said...

u look like bubbles!

phyl said...

fabian: laff till lk dat! sheesh

aaron: wow... i made u speechless... SWEET!!!

kehvin: bubbles is cute... so i accept dat!!!

bian3033 said...

in col now. im about to laugh but so many pple around. have to tahan. ill wait till i get to my car then laf to i die. hahahahahahahahaha. i want those eyes tooooo. fotoshop me.

Anonymous said...

O my. I'm currently working on today's entry where I chose to put up ur ice-cream magnet photo. Here I find it so diff! bLythE everywhere!

phyl said...

fab: sent 2 of ur pics to irene... she'll photoshop 4 ya... LOL!!! dat way am nt gonna b d only cacat 1... irene told me aaron sent 5 pics!!!!

sam: yeah saw dat u linked my page 2 make a comparison....lol! sharon said i look lk gollum :(

bian3033 said...

ok ok i will. then all of us eyes will be equal yeah!!! hahaha... yeah yeah my eyes r gona get bigger. hahaha... yeah yeah... byebye sepet eyes, here i come big eyes. wakakaka

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