seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

fairy tales dont exist in my world...

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long long time ago, i fell in love with a prince.

a prince so cold and far from embrace,
like briar, the touch of the prince only leaves me bleeding in his thorns.
bt still, i willingly wait by my window for that one prince to save me,
and fall into a pretentious sleep just so the prince would kiss me.

but i do not have skin as white as snow,
or lips as red as blood,
or hair as black as ebony,
and for that i'll have to sleep for eternity as the prince would not come near me,
only to immediately wake up when a beast tried to kiss me.

now that beast will not turn into a handsome prince,
for his spell could not be broken,
because of failure to move my heart which is so cold and stubborn,
and selfishly, i rather witness his broken heart killing him than move a muscle.

a disappointed fairy godmother said to me,
"no hocus pocus for you, nt anymore",
"no dancing with the prince in the ball",
"your rags would not turn into a beautiful gown",
"and i'll give you a pair of glass slippers that would only hurt your feet so".

feelings of sorrow and guilt soon scarred my young heart,
and i constantly pray every night to be enchanted once more,
bt the tears i cried remained tears,
the toad i kissed remained a toad,
and the straw i spun would not turn gold.

long long time ago, i was selfish and immature,
and a fairy godmother punished me so,
'Abracadabra' and everything was gone,
no more handsome prince, no more kind-hearted beast,
just me alone in this fairy-tale world.

it took me long enough to know,
that i was special no more,
and though i've learnt my lesson,
my once ethereal fairy- tale world has now cease to exist,
and a simple wishing, hoping and praying will not give me my happy ending anymore.

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Samantha said...

i think fairy tales were written by males and that the idea of make up were existent since the medieval days. males fantasize quite a bit about women. and i guess in return to look really good, perhaps it's a trick to get them to u know, treat them really well at least until where the writer's pens stop. writers like hans christian anderson, the grim brothers..."

Shellyn said...

Wow,this is real emo tho theres so many isi tersirat. But am glad that its back. Yea, life is not a fairy tale. it would be boring if its all fine n smooth sailing. Cya in class!! miss ya.

phyl said...

sam: kinda lk during the medieval days when women werent allowed to act and they rather hire male actors instead to play female roles... it is sad that women back then were not appreciated and the rights that came with them were not recognised.

shellyn: yeah EMO is back... well 8 least for now... LOL

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