seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

dreams from an overly imaginative mind

a lucid dream about your college either shows how mentally stressed you are or that your social life is slipping down that ladder.

my college seemed nicer in my dream. the ambiance was different, classier in soooo many ways. Its concrete walls were replaced by beautiful shiny black and white marble. the dull carpets were replaced by chilly red felted textile. the chilly red carpets led me all the way into my classroom so different it looked more like a lounge. there were no chairs but comfy looking RED sofas. there were no desk for you to write on, just a coffee table in the middle where four glasses of whiskeys were placed. WHISKEY... in a classroom?!?!?! acoustic wall hangings decorated the wall making the classroom sound-proof and more like a movie theater.

aaron, veronica, shell and sam were in my dream and so were 4 other lecturers, 3 of which taught me.

we were attending an add maths lecture and to think that i left engineering two years ago. in the most carnival way ever, my add maths lecturer walked into the classroom singing with her arms wide opened. i looked at my unfamiliar lecturer with a frown as she presented the formulas written on the whiteboard in a tune. just as i realised my dream could not get any weirder, in all moments of awkwardness, the add maths lecturer did a cartwheel. there were gold glitters caught in both her heels and as she did her gymnastics manoeuvre, gold dust were sprinkled across the classroom. it was so vivid, i remember thinking that it was so beautiful to see gold dust showering against the red backdrop. it was like a freak-show and if a carousel popped out of nowhere, that wouldnt surprise me at all.

feeling hungry, i turned to aaron. vero and shell were in between us. i called out his name and as he gazed at me, i asked him a question.

'aaron, i'm hungry, do you have bread?'

i'm a weirdo. an obsessed bread lover to the max. no wonder i cant slim down, cuz even wen i reduce bread in the morning, i dream about carbs at night. that cant be healthy.

aaron was being aaron even in my dream and he burst out laughing. and so did the lecturer nex to him.

a golden pear was then given to me and i was told that it was a durian instead. as i was looking at the golden pear and how i longed for bread instead, a food fight started. one of the four seated lecturers, took out a golden beautiful designed tray and flung it across the room lk a boomerang which hit aaron right on the forehead: bull's eye. i remember seeing food being thrown across the room and with everything going on, i still longed for bread.

and then I WOKE UP. the clock on my table showed 4.45 am. i went to my bathroom, blew my nose and peed. i sat on my bed for a moment, recalling the dream.

as i closed my eyes, i certainly did not expect to dream about a 2nd part. bt i did and this time, my college looked lk my current college. the colour red was gone now and it was substituted with shades of dull black, white and gray. i was walking into one of my lectures. this time, dressed in my pajamas. the exact pajamas i wore to sleep. n instead of books, i was carrying my fav. pillow. i slept the entire lecture in case you're wondering and woke up in total darkness. the entire class abandoned me and left me behind.

weird i know. bt the recurring theme of my college in my dreams is killing me if you'r asking me.

i shared my dream wif the gang this morning and sam said my dream was lk a music video. and that's when i realised, that maybe it was. i was looking through my list of songs before i went to bed last night. the killers mr. brightside was the last thing i saw. thus the red backdrop and the gold glitters, the red acoustic wall hangings and the exact red sofa. so much 4 an imaginative mind huh!

4 gaps filled:

Samantha said...

i'm that african american chick on the couch.

Shellyn said...

You'll forever be a bread fettish!! lolzz. How i wish our coll is as cosy n classy...:( Dun b so stress u'll get ur hols hols soon....

aaronparan said...

eee phyll dreamt about me. hahaha! :)

phyl said...

sam: bt accordin to my dream, u're the red-head wif red gloves... LOL

shell: i noe... n our college will nvr b s cosy n classy... n yes 1 mo week of studies :D

aaron: yes... I DREAMT about u... along wif bread... u shud b very honoured :)

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