seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

i'm a responsible granddaughter... despite the looks

not many people are fond of hospitals...

especially if you are a patient... thoughts about 'who used the sheets before you' and 'did the patient die on the very bed you're sleeping on tonight', walks in circles inside your mind.

those thoughts, however, didnt seem to bother my brave 81 year old grandma. Having just undergo orthopaedic surgery, my grandmother could still force a smile and laughed at jokes, managing to hide the prolonging pain on her right leg from all of us.
Grandma was suffering from severe arthritis and underwent to what i believe is called joint replacement surgery to improve matters. this orthopaedic surgery removes the arthritic joint surfaces and artificial components are placed at bone ends. My grandma had three metal placed in her right leg.

Being a responsible young adult and the fact that the specialists centre was close to my house, i offered to take care of my grandma for sunday afternoon's shift. My task was pretty simple, basically be my grandmother's legs for the day as she obviously will be bedridden for a while.

It was easier than i thought. i mean grandma was practically drugged up the entire afternoon thanx to pain killers and she didnt have much of an appetite because of the anaesthetic. She slept like a baby. In between, i managed to finish up my tort's assignment, daydream, watched China Open on a hovering small tv screen and played some cool games in my Z530i.

I even helped my grandma with the bedpan once, that being the toughest task all day. Grandma was shy to bare her butt n i couldnt place the bedpan properly. we managed in the end, though a string from her gown fell into the bedpan bt no worries, that was taken care of. *phew*

i offered to help out again on monday after class. it was no biggie. my mum, however, thought that me being helpful had something to do with the fact that the person who looks after the patient gets free meals. three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. surprisingly the canteen food was pretty good. mum EVEN told my aunties and they laughed and agreed... wait, they agreed 1st then laughed. i'm honestly nt that greedy. i mean even if the food was bad, which it wasnt, i wud still help out. SHEESH

well, at least i'm nt as greedy as my nephew who actually asked for a portion of the porridge his mum bought for my grandma. i mean i'm might be portrayed as a greedy person bt i certainly wudnt feed on a patient's food. LOL.

an evil aunt snapped a picture of the kid enjoying the porridge in event she needs evidence to prove.

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Shellyn said...

I hope ur grandma will get well soon. Normah's food sure is nicer than timberland's...lolzzz...

Anonymous said...

normah's hospital's cafe is also fancy. been to the cafeteria once.

phyl said...

shell: nvr tried timberland's bt normah's food was good... :) grandma is well now... thx

sam: nvr noticed dat bout d cafe... everytime am der, d food distracted me... LOL

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