seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

heavily panting, moaning, bitching and a tennis match

when two girls gather together to talk about sports... the outcome is HILARIOUS... because unlike men... we dig deep into details!
just like commentators, we glued ourselves onto the chair to watch every second of what is being shown on the tv screen, just to attack the slightest erroneous behaviour carried out by the players... we bitch... and we love every second of it... and as the players kept everyone entertained in rod laver arena... we became our own commentators...our conversations went from scores to what the players wore to OMG did u just see nadal pulling his undies.... WEDGIE!

so ya.. maybe i copied and paste irene's conclusion here... we, after all share similar views, like all great minds do... but i'll add a lil to spice things up...
irene's comments are in black...
mine in blue...

the following traits are not attractive in a man:

*sparse bits of facial hair and crooked teeth (Murray)
*frail looking, heavily panting (Murray)
*pale maggoty skin-tone (Murray)
*overly ‘Brit’ features overall (Murray)
*black HUGE nipples that can be seen poking our from the shirt even though it's 'god knows' how many degrees down under(Nadal)
*huge butt accentuated by very gay, very tight three-quarter pants that makes package too visible(Nadal)
*constant adjustment of crotch and pulling of undies due to wedgie not flattering at all (Nadal)
*no waist/thick trunk (Nadal)
*heavy caveman-type brow, looks and posture(Nadal)
*too loud of a moaner like his gonads are being delivered a good kick everytime he serves. (Nadal)

conclusion: tennis is not only about hitting balls but getting hit in the balls and nadal has a bright future in phone sex talk industry...

p/s: irene... think we did a good job on commenting them huh! oh moaner lost 6-2, 6-4, 6-3 to another moaner! watching the game was like watching gay porn... with moans coming from both sides of the court... AHHHHHHHH... AGHHHHHHH... AHHHHHHHH... AGHHHHH....

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