seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

dos n donts in RMWF


i) bring along lotsa lotsa mosquito repellent, for obvious reason, to kill those f*ckin blood-suckers
ii) bring along ridsect to kill d f*ckin blood-suckers if (i) doesn't work
iii) a portable fan/ chair
iv) camera
v) dress s comfy s possible, no body-huggin outfit... sticks lk glue once d sweat pores open
vi) a sign saying, " dude, get a life and u'r blockin my view"
vii) if dey did invent an ah-beng-repellent, that will be most helpful
viii) hand towel... 2 wipe your sweat and sweat particles frm mr.gross nex 2 you or even saliva wen some1 rains on you during conversations.
ix) stilts for shortie lk me wen inconsiderate arses decide to tower ovr you, works in both way, it either makes you taller or it functions as a weapon to bang those arses on their heads...
x) an-ah-beng-alert-alarm that rings if an ah beng is within metres from ya, time to get those stilts ready...


i) bring food along... thx 2 me, 3sa's mr. potato chips wen down d garbage
ii) (fat gals) wear outfits dat r 2 tight o 2 revealing... for the love of god... we dont wan2 b blinded by scenes of your fat getting jiggy with it... nanananana
iii) (guys) skinny: dont go walking around shirtless, ribs arent dat gud 2 look at
fat: dont go walkin around shirtless 2, fat arent dat good 2 look at either
iv) guys who decide 2 be a sissy and shave off their armpit's rainforest... dont lift up your arms to often... it's jus 2 amusing!!!
v) bring along a bag that is a size to big 2 be convenient... me n 3sa had d hardest time telling passers-by to watch out 4 d bag... the bag works as a trap too, trippin over drunkies
vi) CUT QUEUES... to those idiots who cut d line while waitin for 4 the shutter bus... i would love to say fuck you but i choose to bless u instead, may god bless you, hopefully to lose your balls soon(gals on top, guys below)... yes, you're nt dat cool after all

p/s: i haf suc a fuck mouth 2day... PMS ,dont mind me!!

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