seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

to make-up the new year

am blogging this last post with only one hand. the other is holding my mascara. am getting ready for the last BIG EVENT of the year: the countdown to a new year.
i only have half an hour to be done, fab's prolly on his way.

as vain as it sounds, when a girl's gotta make-up, a girl's gotta make up!

foundation on the face to cover the bad past.
mascara on those lashes to lengthen the future.
eye liner on the eyes for a bigger brighter year.
colours on the eyes for a colourful 2008.
rouge on both cheeks for a rosy year ahead.
red n glossy lipstick to gloss up the new year.

cya in 2008...

5 gaps filled:

Samantha said...

happy new year fabian.

Samantha said...

i opened both ur page and fabians.after noticing that i left fabian's msg at ur comment area my com got jammed. lol happy new yr phyl.

phyl said...

it's ok... so long s u clarified it! lol
happy new year to u too.

cya nex nex week on the 14th den.

kehvin said...

hey crazy gurl.

phyl said...

happy new year to u too...

crzy boy!

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