seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

sugar n spice n everything nice

everybody loves chocolate.
whether it's dark, milky, praline, hazelnut... bt chili?
who has appetite for chili in chocolates?

Lindt's Excellence Chili Chocolate frm Austria.
would love to tell you more but i dont understand a word of German.
the taste? lk dark chocolate with a spicy aftertaste.
a different kinda yummy :)

3 gaps filled:

kehvin said...

chili chocolate? and u couldn't stop complaining 'bout the marzipan i gave ya.

Anonymous said...

spicy ahh. not like mexican hot. new stuff. try new stuff yeaaa!

phyl said...

kehvin: hehe... N i stil dont lk marzipan. the chili choco taste lk dark choco. n u noe how muc i love dark choco.

sam: it's nt dat spicy! if u can stand those spicy curry in Curry House dis is nothing. i'll bring some to class, let u haf a try! *wink*

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