seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

Lost In Translation...

am an indie movie lover to the max and sofia coppola's 2003 effort is top on my list. i love everything bout the film... frm the simple yet deep and meaningful storyline, to how the actors brought life to the characters and who can forget the exquisite scenery. Filmed in tokyo for jus 27 days, the film captured japan in an array of different backgrounds frm the busy over-crowded city to a red solitary temple to a ray of sunlight through the remaining yellow autumn leaves on the trees planted across the streets.

the film showed how two strangers became friends in an unfamiliar place. something my sister can relate to in february 2008. instead of tokyo, my sister landed herself a job in japan's 2nd most busiest city, Osaka.

bonded for three years, my sister is going to work as a patent analysts in a law firm specialized in intellectual property. the firm's headquarters is in osaka with two more branches in tokyo and fukouka.

three years is a pretty long time and i'm sure i'll miss my sis lots. went on wiki to do a little search on osaka just to see what the city has to offer. apparently, according to wiki, osaka is the nation's kitchen just like how kuching and penang are malaysia's food paradise.

"Dress (in kimonos) 'til you drop in Kyoto, eat 'til you drop in Osaka"...

pics of food frm flickrs

among the more famous cuisines are okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon and of course SUSHI.

i guess am pretty excited for her. japanese are known for their 'unique' work ethics. unlike most people who work to live, japanese live to work bt i might be making a hasty generalization. i wonder the firm my sis works for promotes early morning exercise lk some company in japan do. lol, wudnt it b funny!
since the company is an international company, my sis doesnt need to know a single word of japanese. that might nt be the case street-wise. hehehe, guess my sis will be lost in translation after all.

2 gaps filled:

Shen said...

Shuaku Yamamoto?

phyl said...


shuaku as in kampung?

LOL... meanie!

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