seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

Papa vodka n baby vodka... wif a baby turning 22

everybody in kch is talking about the spring... 'a new retail beginning' oh so it claims. the spring is currently kuching's biggest shopping mall even though it might not be bigger than Megamall's portion of Centre Court. bt still, we're proud about it, it being our first high-end mall... GUESS, NOSE, ESPRIT anything you name it we have it... well ok mayb nt anything, let's leave gucci and la senza out of this.

even bubbles wants to go, can you tell...

so like what 98% of kuching people have done, curiosity brought me to the spring. the place was pretty packed even on a weekday... i did not know we had so many people in kuching.

one thing i was looking forward to was Axxezz... yes we finally have Axxezz in kuching. i just love their accessories. i basically spent almost an hour in the shop... i wasnt just browsing through... i was actually scrutinizing at what it had to offer, one by one. Oh i was in love... i was even prepared to spend... splurge wad ever it was... bt i was taking too long of a time trying to pick the best and the gang was getting a lil impatient... i left without a baggy! i'm definitely heading back... SOON... my sister is as much of an Axxezz fan as me... :)

walked around 4 bout 2hours before we called it quits. 5 people wen to the spring and guess what... the only purchased made that day... were buns and drinks. LOL! i bought myself a miniature Vodka Pear... cuz the bottle was just too cute to say NO to.

isnt it adorable! i say baby vodka will look good right next to papa vodka...

who is currently the official scrungie holder... :)


mr. paran turned 22 recently... as requested by the bday boy, celebration was done in kenny rogers boulevard... we had a blast!!!! owh n d pic above... was taken courtesy of shell's choice of a janitor's helping hand instead of a waiter's... priceless

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Shellyn said...

okie,okie...my bad i didnt realise he was d janitor until he had to take off his gloves to help us okie!! owh well at least we had a good laugh out of it. :P missed u in class today. monday sux.

phyl said...

hehehe... actually, i did kinda play a part too... i called him after he cudnt hear u the first time... lol
n yes we did laugh lots dat nite too...

miss u in class too... n i haf no idea y i'm sayin dis, bt i tink i'll miss donna too... :(

kehvin said...

a scrungie holder??? that's like a great insult to any vodka bottle.

phyl said...

heh... i'm turning vodka into a girlie thing... it's innovative!!!!

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