seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

why chocolate is the best substitute for sex...

so yeahhhh... we finally have secret recipe in kuching n we're damn proud bout it... i mean after all, to some ppl, we living on trees and swimming across the south china sea just to get to kl, secret recipe is lk our realisation of civilization!

secret recipe is well known for it's award winning cheese cake... and as far as secret goes, secret recipe certainly has the recipe to make people experience a completely out of this world indulgence! to suit my cravings for the soothing influences of chocolate, i had my all time fav chocolate banana and aaron went for a slice of white chocolate macadamia.

... der is a reason y chocolate is the best substitute for sex!

aaron: hey have some of my white choc. macadamia

phyllis : yeah... i know... am already attacking ur nuts

(2 mins after)

phyllis: y aren't you havin my choc. banana
aaron: bcuz u attacked my nuts!

yeah dont hold back... obscene thoughts are welcome once in a while!

(left-right): aaron, me, vero

p/s: decided to put some random pic into this post... my blog seems to be deprived of pics lately... hehehe... and no we didnt take this outside secret recipe... hence d word random!

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