seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed



there's a theme today and it's called obsession.

we all have obsessions...

some of it innocent, like bubbles' new found obsession with the ribbon she pulled out frm my pillow, bringing it around wherever she goes like an obsessed dental hygiene dog who can't depart frm a dental floss.

some of it bad, like sylar from heroes who is soo obsessed about being special that he kills people with special abilities only to mutate their DNA in order for him to possess those abilities.

so i have been tagged by irene, and now am being forced to tell the world bout my 5 current obsessions.

obsession no. 1... ME

i'm quite surprised that most ppl dont put themselves as their first obsession. call it delusions of grandeur or even narcissism well at least i'm honest! i love myself... therefore the obsession and the very reason why i spoil myself with gifts, shoess and clothes jus to make myself happy or why i'm a miser to most ppl and nt to myself o why i dont let most ppl in so that i dont get myself hurt. i'm obsessed bout myself bcuz i love being me and nt someone else...

obsession no. 2... FOOD

since malaysia has the most number of obese ppl in asia... i guess as a proud malaysian i can say i'm certainly obsessed with food. i love all kinds of food, however, most of my frens seem to form a similar opinion of me being obsessed with bread n bread alone!

here's a line frm a dear fren of mine
' i'm nt sure the world is ready to see a girl lk u... especially after seeing the way u chomp all those bread down... that was beyond hannibal lecter scary'

aaron's link name for me...
phyllis loves her buns
o the fact that it wuz the first thing aaron thought of wen i asked him wad i'm obsessed with.

and the gardenia bread i get frm my aunt twice a week means something right...

obsession no. 3... BUBBLES

i have 152 pictures of her in my laptop and my constant mention bout her says it all...
i guess i'm the only reason why she has become a pampered pooch with a bitchy attitude!

obsession no. 4... emo songs ( o pussy songs accordin 2 irene's 'ah boy')

i love emo songs for their most exquisite/ meaningful/ truthful lyrics. they are the simplest of songs yet they impact you so muc mo than say songs that give u spelling lessons... does i'm the F to the E, R, G the I the E ring a bell... who the fuck cares about the spelling of ur name...

obsession no. 5... OLDER MEN

aaron suggested old men... bt i tink oldER men is more appropriate... i cant really say it's an obsession bt i do realise that i fall for older men. the fact that i had a crush on my best friend's cousin who wuz leaving high school wen i wuz only primary 3 o me liking keanu reeves since puberty even wen he's 2 decades and a year older den me! o the fact that i tink hearing someone talking bout their retirement plan is much mo interestin/ impressive/ sexy (?!?!) than hearing someone blabbing about their 5 yrs plan of reaching success! i'm weird i noe... bt i find grandfathers cute bcuz they r all pruney and wrinkly lk how one wud find babies cute! there are limitations tho, lk i dont fall 4 horny older men who r just lookin for an easy fuck o my dad's frens (ewwww, so irene dont fret, MR. Chan is nt in d list), o even my professors o lecturers (i've learnt my lesson in muhammad islam, my engineering communication lecturer who had d most perfect hazel eyes and curliest eyelashes...).


-i know i'm suppose to tag another 5 ppl... bt here's the deal, i'm gonna stop it right here... meaning this game of tag ends with me! *evil grin*

rules of a game shud b broken once in a while...

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