seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

going up north west

taken from the in-flight monitor

it took me 20 miserable hours idling around unfamiliar territory, 15 painful hours on air adjusting to uncomfortable airplane seats and 3 different time zones before reaching destination: london!

close friends and relatives came to the airport to bid farewell. those who cudnt make it, left comforting messages through the net and mobile.

they all played a part in making the 'leaving' a lil harder.
aaron and fab crafted an album packed with memories of the good times shared together,
shell bought goodies for the legendary binges thx to stress and long miserable journeys and sam gave a tearful farewell!

i mishhh my friends already :(

long distance flights can be torturing... you cramp yourself into the puniest of space that they can afford to give and then you 'try' sitting/sleeping/eating on a chair that is so stiff and hard that doesnt support your posture or even fit your size...

great if you have considerate passengers in front, at the back and nex to you...
bad if the passenger behind the seat nex to you is a loud annoying sri lankan who prolly finds it hard to shut up.
worst if the passenger right behind you happened to be a long legged australian who had a habit of slotting and placing his feet onto your arm-rest because he didnt have enuff space for his legs which were prolly a mile long.
irritating if the sri lankan had lots of stories to tell throughout the entire flight and torturing if the feet behind you didnt back down... even after being hit (deliberately) by the inflight pillow, the inflight remote control and the inflight magazine...

the aussie dude apologised when he caught me lining up for the lavatory and even had the nerves to ask whether i mind.
well i said... NO i didnt mind but i wud have if he had smelly feet.
he prolly was lookin for a different reply... that response left him in shocked 4 a while before he went on to the next question.

and to have proof, i took a pic which eva called 'the sea cucumber pic'...referring the brown socks to the said delicacy... hmph -_____-"

eva made a wonderful long distance companion though.... well mayb bcuz she was a lot like me... she didnt annoyed me with stories like the fella behind her and her feet were kept within a reasonable distance from me. she slept most of the time... and woke up only when food was served... and after spending 36 hours together.... we finally went our separate ways... she to essex and me to a 3 hrs bus ride down to ware.

here's a pic of the glooomy brit weather for every1 to c...
and oh i think i'm suffering from jetlag too

as of today, i'm 7 hours behind you guys back in m'sia ;(

5 gaps filled:

ahlost said...

You're 7 hours younger now.. Hehehehe..

phyl said...

nice... i lk d idea now dat u pointed it out!!!!

7 hours younger... hahahhaha... i lk dat line!!!!! wait i love it! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

your flight story is soo kesian. thought the plane would've had bigger space cos europeans r bigger than us! eaaau that aussy is disgusting. hope the sock didn't smell. the weather looked nice tho. very emo, slightly gloomy. i hope people there aren't gloomy too.

miss u la! it'd be nice if we started a thread on fb and u gimme at least 3 lines and i'll reply alsO. lets have a thread among our mates. u can start one with ur curtin friends. it's easy to keep in touch and more fun that way.

Anonymous said...

phyl u know what. i didn't read that one line about the tearful thing. omg i only knew after chatting with dollah. omg u broadcasted my shame shame moment AIYO.

just reply ur fb or i'll cry again and put it on webcam for u to c.

phyl said...

hahaha... of course i had to pt it down... it's meaningful k.
nothing 2 b ashamed about....

i replied my fb di... save d tears save d world! hahahaha

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