seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

copying silhouettes

Colchester claims to be the oldest recorded town in Britain going back to 77AD when Pliny the Elder first mentioned about it.
The town is a mixture of a very modern town centre, very very georgian museums and a Roman castle.
i'm a sucker for georgian architecture. there's something about it that makes everything so grand.
Hollytrees was a very grand Georgian town house built in 1718 and was occupied by the wealthiest families in Colchester. Now, it is a museum that tells the tales of life back in the days.

and in that museum, we were transported back to the past before the inventions of the washing machine and the camera...
we spent the longest time trying to draw our own Victorian silhouette, one of the limited options of having your portrait taken. Silhouettes were expensive as it took a lot of dedication and time to draw.

i offered to draw my dad's silhouette and as he sat there still and not moving a muscle, i traced his outline from the reflection i saw through the little peep hole. it gets a lil confusing at times... takes a lot of skills which i obviously lack!

it was believed that an accurate outline of a person's profile could reveal the person's personality. For instance, a large nose tip indicated anger while a high forehead showed intelligence.

my work of art.
pretty accurate ey!
notice the large nose tip *giggles*

i was next. bt i had trouble staying still esp with mum and the cousin giggling nearby.

bt that wasnt the only problem.
dad's a lefty.
and apparently, the light reflected from the peep hole makes it hard for a left hander to draw!
so dad's work of art turned out like this...

he gaf me a distorted nose with a strain of hair coming out from it.

8 gaps filled:

CreativeBitchin said...

AHAAHAHHA it really DOES look like your profile lah... if you'd run smack into a wall, that is...

phyl said...

yes irene... kinda lk a human pekingese.... hmph

Anonymous said...

hee..heeee..heeee..so funny!! u n ur dad so cute. love d pics in FB esp the park...:)

phyl said...

shelllllll.... hehehe

hahaha... yeah i noe, both profiles turned out sooo wrong!
hahaha... well those pics on fb r uploaded der esp 4 u!

shensnaps.com said...

thats damn cool

phyl said...

hahhaha... wanna change ur cam 4 dat?

Anonymous said...

ur dad could look at the mirror to help himself sketch LOOOL

phyl said...

hahaha... y my drawing nt good enuff?


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