seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed


a white welcoming card pinned on the noticeboard stood out against the dark blue background. it had a picture of a home with smoke coming out from its tiny chimney and my new addressed typed onto it.

'Welcome to your new home' it says... but am i ready to make this my new home?

Camden Court

the place does feel homey... i have an en-suite (bathroom attached) and a big kitchen shared by 3 other housemates... but when my parents left early this morning (after settling me in), the emptiness grew... the room became bigger, the four walls that surrounded me became colder and soon, i found myself hiding under my blanket, with eyes wet and my breathing a lil heavier.
suddenly it was only me in this world that i did not understand.

but i'm ok now.... have been for 12 hours and have to be for 10 more months.

i'm adjusting... i have to.

pics of room taken by dad

the cousin said, this is the time where i will learn to understand more about myself.
the morning cry already showed a chink in the armour.
guess that's part of being an adult... to endure emotional stress stoically... not like a kid who freaks at the thought of responsibility.

spot the sextoy popping out frm the window?

well at least i'm staying in a friendly neighbourhood where the neighbours do have a sense of humour...
and it doesnt suck that my flat is pretty diverse.
we have a malaysian indian who is doing law in room one
a spaniard doing business management in room two
a malaysian chinese doing law in room three (me la!)
and a norwegian doing TESL in room four.

7 gaps filled:

cindy khor said...

Yeah, I've been through this phase too... Its totally frightening. Its like everything's so quiet I could hear a needle drop. I even slept with my rooms lights on. Be strong and stay tough and let time ease the pain.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, time to grow up n b independent phylli. Ur room looks cozzy, bery nice..:P

Anonymous said...

buy heaps of buns. put it around ur room. there. HOME!

phyl said...

cindy: i'm doin better now.... n i guess once class starts n d assignments start piling up... i wont b thinkin muc bout home.

shell: yes... i haf to man up! the room is very cosy... thank god 4 dat.

sam: heh... i tink i'll stop buyin buns 4 now.... lol. i still wan2 fit thru d doors.

ahlost said...

Hope you're doing great by now :)

Sextoy popping out the window? <-- *ROFLMAO*

zh said...

u gonna enjoy it after going thru that phase

phyl said...

rose: yeah... i had fun last weekend. am adapting...
n bout d sextoy yes... ppl here r NUTS

zh: woooo.... i didnt noe u noe dis blog! bt yes... i'm startin to enjoy it now.

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