seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

unagi - ICHIBAN - fair

Japanese are famous for their intelligence, their workaholic lifestyle, their ultra cool gadgets, their out-of-this-world hairdos, their wonderful cuisines, their addictive animes, their stimulating porn and porn vocabularies and during spring time, their beautiful sakuras.

But during the hot summer, Japanese are famous for their unagi... and because jap food has suddenly become the latest world phenomenon, it isnt surprising that the world is currently goin thru an unagi craze too. It's UNAGI season baby!

Unagi is a Japanese dish of grilled eel consumed during summer thanks to its various health properties which help Japanese people cope with hot and humid days.

so when sam invited me, together with four other bloggers to review Sushi King's current promotion, the 'Excellent Unagi Fair', i couldnt wipe that cheshire grin off my face because unagi is my favourite japanese dish right next to salmon


we were joined by Sushi King's manager Hoo Jet Son who was very knowledgeable when it came to ordering and eating japanese food and was super friendly the entire night... bet u can tell from the pic above.

Unagi = Eel

Unagi Kabayaki or rather 'grilled unagi on skewers without rice' is a delicacy in Japan. Good unagi is best when it is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside and much to my delight, the kabayaki served was up to par. two thumbs up!

but if you're a sushi lover and prefer unagi served with rice, both unagi slice and unagi sushi are highly recommended.

Creative Combo

then there's the innovative Unagi Roll. Using soy sheet to wrap the sushi rather than the more traditional seaweed, the sushi is wonderfully eye catching in presentation. The soy sheet is surprisingly soft and light and it goes great with the sushi filled up with grilled eel, omelette, cucumber and crabstick.

the Unagi Boat fits in well with Japanese's 'Kawaii-neh' culture... cute in presentation and wonderful in taste. Sweet beancurd served cold as the 'hull' of the boat topped with rice, grilled eel, sesame seed and shredded cucumber.

Me HEART seaweed

gotta admit, i started eating sushi because of my un-denying love for seaweed.
so hand rolled sushi has always been my favourite cuz of the SEAWEED. Unagi Temaki is a must have... grilled eel, fish roe, omelette, shredded cucumber and mayonnaise... i always think mayonnaise and seaweed makes a great combo. my only complain is the manner in which you have to eat it. Jet Son said it compliments the sushi maker if you can stuff an entire sushi into your mouth... errr... thing is, i dun really have a big mouth do i. ;(

Unatama Roll is made out of omelette with grilled eel on top and seaweed flakes around the sushi. The seaweed flakes introduced a bittersweet taste to my mouth... the seaweed flakes tasted a tad bit bitter opposed to the sweet tasting grilled eel on top.

then there's the Unagi Manju which i give props for presentation. Tempura seaweed wrapped with grilled eel and topped with fish roe... unagi manju is very soft and tasted wonderful. has to be one of my favourite dishes that night. YUMMY!

bt my favourite dish of the night was *drum rolll please* Unagi Isobe Age.
unagi + seaweed = a happy phyllis.

Attention All Egg Lovers

i believe i consumed x10 more eggs that night than i ever had in the past decade. i am obviously not an egg person... never was so my review might be a little bias. Egg lovers, take note.
Umaki is grilled eel omelette and according to Jet Son, it takes a lot of time in creating a perfect Umaki. Tasted pretty much like an egg to me so i'll copy and paste irene's review. Apparently Umaki was her fav. dish of the night... -___-"

"... and then my favourite of the bunch: the Umaki. It's basically a piece of unagi wrapped in a tamago (Japanese omelette), and I loved it because the sweetness of the unagi complemented the egg really well, plus the texture of the egg helped conceal the slight sliminess of the unagi - CreativeBitchin"

Unagi Chawanmushi prolly freaked me out at first... MORE EGG! bt surprisingly, it tasted alright. It's a Japanese egg custard served with grilled eel and edamame which irene just taught me how to eat the night itself. Rather bland in taste (could be reason y i finished it), Jet Son mentioned that adding sweet sauce will make the dish much more tastier and it definitely did.

Unatama Don was the 2nd last dish served and my belly was already reaching its limit like a spring reaching its elastic limit. Unatama Don is steamed rice served with grilled eel, egg, seaweed and vegetables. Unfortunately, this is the only dish i chose not to taste... mainly because i refuse to 'devour' anymore egg. Both Kenny and Kim, who both tasted only a spoon full, recommended it though.



Unagi Bento was the last dish of the night and everyone was already feeling the effects of over-eating.

It didnt help that it was HUGE, grilled eel and vegetable tempura, omelette, deep fried fish cake, green soybeans, mixed vegetable salad, crabstick, japanese radish served with miso soup and steamed rice.

even typing that was soo much work!

The tempura is highly recommended because it reflects Japanese's triumph in both culinary art and cooking - where fried food should be light and fresh-tasting as opposed to heavy and greasy. I'm definitely heading back for this... when i start missing unagi of course.

i mean u cant blame me... 13 unagi dishes in a NIGHT... omg... if i had fast metabolism that enables me to stay rake thin, i wouldnt be complaining. But my metabolism isnt as effective as it used to be in my teens and i'm only 22!!!!

Sushi King's Excellent Unagi Fair is currently ongoing and will continue til the end of the month. A definitely must go, must eat, must enjoy event.
OooOOOoooOOO... lunch time, wad a great time to be posting this up ey :)

Special thanks to sam and kenny for the invite... and of course Jet Son and Sushi King for the wonderful experience. :D

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shensnaps.com said...

i cant imagine unagi goes with egg. it is totally wrong combination.

phyl said...

hahaha... glad am nt alone in dis...

bt i jus dun lk EGG!

s kim said...

haha ME TOO!
boo. eggy.

Anonymous said...

i gotta admit. ur entry's the best among all of us. bravo phyl! and thanks for ur email :)

CreativeBitchin said...

eh. i just noticed. the two people in the first picture aren't jap! hehehe.

phyl said...

kim: 8 least u tried atkins out... i'll b a bulimic wif atkins

sam: nah... tink all our entries r unique in its own way... s 4 d email, u'r welcome. hopefully u gt it tho

irene: hahaha... d 2 ppl in d 1st pic's mr and mrs. mok ah. d girl in d 2nd pic is d other ms. mok la.

CreativeBitchin said...

i know! false marketing ok!

phyl said...

wad false marketing... i pt d pic der bcuz i mentioned bout sakuras during spring time.... apala!!!!

Anonymous said...

kenny said all of us put lots of effort in it that he's super surprised. it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

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