seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

life as a bummer

as september approaches, i realise my life being a bummer is coming to an end. for someone who is mediocre in every aspect, i'm surprised at how good a loafer i've become.

my holiday started in may... a much needed rest from all the damn law textbooks that dictated 3 years of my life like some celestial being. a week after my finals, i was still waking up at 7 in the morning and falling into impenetrable slumbers only in the wee hours of the morning... that was the fcking routine my body adjusted to thx to last minute revisions. some nights, i stayed awake listening to my heart pounding... worrying about nothing.

then the unthinkable happened. sleeping became my hobby. and for the entire month of june... i think i spent more hours on bed than out of it. that made me a gold certified bummer... beating dad who still has an income despite bumming (pensioner bah!), losing to bubbles who just when platinum.

when revenge of the 'sleep' served its course, i shifted my attention to the tv, couch and fattening food. bumming has made me lazy and inactive... eyes fixated on the tube, body heavily resting on the couch and the only time i get up to exercise is when my bowl is empty and i have to make the 13 steps trip to the kitchen for a refill... ahhh the penchant for junk food has made me appetite ad infinitum.

great to be a bummer leading an aimless life. sad that there's a yin and yang to everything. where there's a decrease in stress level, there's an increase to the numbers you see on your weighing scale. where there's an increase to personal spare time, there's a decrease in your personal IQ.

and until i start burying myself with books again, my IQ is rapidly dropping everyday. i get blonder by the hour and am nt proud of it.

calendars are suddenly becoming confusing to look at... days seem awfully long (are you sure it's still 24 hours in a day) a monday can suddenly become tuesday by noon and wednesday by night. who gets fcking confused by the days of the week... seriously!


and then there's the 5 puny malls that you go to almost every week for the past 3 months just to kill time. there's the new collection you saw in mango that got you all excited two weeks ago... not so exciting anymore! there's the same old dress on the mannequin you wanted to get three weeks ago... looking duller and less attractive. there's the plethora of shops that is slowly feeding to your boredom.


and because you have so much spare time in your hands, a trip to the mall isnt just about shopping or window shopping anymore but rather being adventurous and trying out new stuffs... new stuffs being anything that is hideously ugly... anything u'll choose out of character... just for the sake of laughter and having a good time even if it means making a fool out of yourself and mocking the designers. of course, it'll be great if you have bummer friends tagging along with your madness.

even better if your bummer of a friend has guts to try on the ugliest romper ever....

did i say the UGLIEST romper ever... so hideous it's ludicrous. and thanks to that fashion display, i found myself juggling between an incessant laughter, a talking voice that had gone ten octaves higher, a bladder that was about to explode, a stomach muscle that was hurting and tears that were threatening.

bt oh... i love my life as a bummer and i dont ever want it to end... dont think gutsy friend too despite her's ending as we speak.


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CreativeBitchin said...

oh gee... bummer friend? *sad*

gutsy friend? *grins*

no lah that didn't take any balls at all was just bored and didn't mind laughing at myself a bit.

omg looking at that romper picture makes me feel so sexy all over again LOL.

kehvin said...

you've been bumming far too long. when are you goin to the UK again?

Samantha said...

eauu.. can honey really make someone obese other than pooh bear? =P

ahlost said...

Wah.. I miss sleeping whole day long !! :D

phyl said...

yes bummer fren... nt professional procrastinator.

sexy!?!??! hahahaa....

heh. sept 7th.

pooh der looks bit lk edward huh.

ah lost:
yes... sleepin all day is fun! am nt gonna b able to dat in a month's time. :(

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