seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

one nine eight five babies

Ladies and Gentlemen,
i present you this century's best olympian (and prolly the centuries before and the centuries to come)...

Michael Phelps...
who should seriously consider wearing his swimming cap and goggles 24/7 because he looks less cool w/o them.
mr. phelps currently holds the record for most gold medals won in a single Olympics!
bet u all already knew that if u werent concentrating on his bod! he's kinda showing it off in the pic above... all eight of them!

the guy's unstoppable.
well almost...
Serbia's Cavic almost killed the party in the 100M butterfly.

(PHELPS left CAVIC right)

phelps made a critical decision to do a half stroke at the end as cavic glided to the wall.
phelps clocked in 0.01 seconds ahead of cavic.
incredible... for a guy who was in 7th place at the 50 M mark.

and phelps is only twenty-three making it highly likely that he'll be in London 2012...
and almost possible that he'll surpass Soviet's gymnast Larissa Latynina's (rank first in total Olympic medal) 18 medals spanning from three olympic games...
phelps currently has 16 ( Athens: 6 gold 2 bronze, Beijing: 8 gold)

speaking of TWENTY THREE...
me best fren just turned twenty three today!
Happy Birthday Rachel Wong Pei Shan.
may today and the years ahead be as wonderful as u are....

heh... sorry i stole ur pic frm ur facebook :)

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Purple Bastard said...

Happy birthday. Don't miss Kuching and the food too much in chilly ole Newcastle.

phyl said...

thx! (u'r bout 8 hrs 36 mins earlier tho)

bt bt bt i tink i'll definitely miss kch n its FOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD....

ahlost said...

Yah.. I think he should really wear his swimming cap and goggles when he takes pics *LOL* he looks better that way ;D

phyl said...

yeahhhhhh.... cuz w/o dem, he looks plain! hahahaha... so muc cooler wif d cap n goggles!

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