seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

letting go

the bond between the car and i is evident,
a special mention of her in my very first post,
when i had doubts in the unfamiliar territory of the blogsphere,
she gave me inspiration to start an entry.

she... a lifeless 1.0cc gold manual kelisa,
who was there with me through good times and bad times,
who shaded me from the rain, the blazing sun and portentous events,
she, who became a close friend,
she, who i have decided to let go today.

she wasn't beautiful 'outerior' wise nor was she interiorly,
but her metalic gold was just as good as real gold to me,
with a build that gave me nothing but comfort.

she wasnt as strong,
neither was she capable of running faster than most cars,
bt her four wheels brought me places that my own two legs couldnt.

she was my loyal companion for more than three years.
she has seen every smile, every tear, every disappointment and every joy.
she saw me become a woman!
and because of that,
she'll always have a special place in my heart...

i watched her go with a heavy heart today,
i didnt even wish her a proper goodbye.
and when dad drove home into the basement and parked,
soon the realization kicked in after seeing the carpark next to him empty.

a 7 yr old version of me appeared on the surface and pouted at dad,
"i miss her" i said with my ten octaves higher voice,
i blinked back the tears,
she was gone like a missing limb,
and it felt like a part of me was gone forever.

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Anonymous said...

im going to miss ur car too..i cant believe u're really leaving~~ tsk tsk tsk...:( shell

phyl said...

leavin is hard isnt it...

I MISS HER shell, ur car's neighbour most days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaronparan said...

i miss my other ride :(

she better be well taken care of by her new owners.

phyl said...

yeah kan? we share too many sweet memories wif her... all of us!

yes d new owner better take good care of her!
n if u guys c her on d road again... send her my love by honking ur brains out k :D

kehvin said...

you sold your car?!?!?!?!

phyl said...

yes... i did!!!!! sobsssss

shensnaps.com said...

she should be able to find a new owner who loves her more at least who can bath her more often

phyl said...


i loved her!!!!! n daddy bath her once a week!!!!!!!!!

CreativeBitchin said...

wah. so emo. over a car. hehehehehe.

aaronparan said...

*imitating the white chicks* it's not just a car! :P

phyl said...

yeahhh irene, it isnt JUST A CAR!!!!!

CreativeBitchin said...

eh. nice la your template now. but lah your manuscripts spell salah. lol.

phyl said...

HAHAHHAHA.... omg i jus noticed! thx 4 d point out!

ahlost said...

Why have to sell it? You still can drive it when you're back here :(

phyl said...

thing is... am nt sure wen i'm coming back and it's kinda weird having 3 cars in the house just for 2 ppl (my parents left)

emmanuel said...

its all in a life process..its not a big deal..hey be scared of the flight..trust dat!lol

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