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my cousin's wife, alicia posted a rather funny post in her blog about bra cups and the reason why alphabets are used to determine the sizes.

in that post,
cup A is for Almost Boobs
cup B is for Barely Boobs
cup C is for Can't Complain
cup D is for Dang
cup E is for Enormous and...
cup F is for Fake

as funny as it was, it actually gt me thinking...
why the alphabets and what do they actually stand for?

there are many sites in the internet (just google it) telling you that Kate Moss is an A, Milla's a B, Halle a C, Jewel a D and Kelly Brook an E...
bt knowing your own bra cup can sometimes be a mystery kinda lk a puzzle to solve!
and dont you hate it when you go bra shopping and the sales assistant walks up to you and ask you for your bra size...
'I'm a errrrr 34B i think' you answer her uncertain...
and she'll look 8 ur bosoms and den gives a high pitch laughter before sayin,
'sayang, i dun think so, u shud b an A!' out loud that the guy at the next store almost dropped the book he was pretending to read.

so to save yourself the embarrassment, here are guidelines how to determine your bra size and all you need is a measuring tape and a calculator jus in case you're erm kinda bad in math-

your bra size is determined by both the band size (eg 32,34,36) and the cup size (A,B,C,D...)

Measuring your band size

there are two ways in which you can measure your band size:-

i) First take your measuring tape and measure your upper chest ( that is right under your armpits and above your breasts)...

eg: so if the measurement shows a 35.3, discard any fractions making it 35. if it is an odd number lk 35, round it up to the next even number making it a 36.
so your band size is 36.

ii) another alternative way is to measure the ribcage just below your breast.

eg: so if the measurement shows a 31.4, again discard the fractions to make it 31.
now the next step is to add 5 to the measurement if your ribcage is an odd number and 4 to your measurement if your ribcage shows an even number. therefore, 31 being an odd number, should be 36 after adding 5 to the measurement.

Measuring your cup size

in order to determine your cup size, you should measure across the fullest part of your breast, starting at the outside of the breast crease, passing the nipple and then to the inside of the crease.
look at the inch shown on your measuring tape to determine your cup size below:
cup A = 7"
cup B = 8"
cup C = 9"
cup D = 10"
cup E/ DD = 11"
cup F/ DDD = 12"

so get your measuring tape and measure away....

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ahlost said...

Owh.. Thanks for the tips.

My friend had this experience where she was trying bra in the fitting room when suddenly the sales assistant went in with the reason that my friend might not know how to wear the bra properly =.=

phyl said...

omg... i tink sales assistants r placed der to embarrass mo of the time den to help!

Anonymous said...

can u measure mine for me?

phyl said...

i can show u how! *wink*

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