seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

hands down

well i cant remember exactly when chris carrabba won me over with his music bt i have been an avid fan of dashboard confessional ever since. my first post is evidence... on the way home, this car hears my confession it says and that was soooo plagiarised from carrabba's song, sharp hint of new tears from his swiss army romance album and i didnt even bother to paraphrase.

nobody writes lyrics like carrabba. NOBODY. his music is centered around his beautifully written lyrics... so vivid, it comes alive everytime he sings them withhh his ooooohhhhh soooo soooothinggggg voice.... *shivers*

(pic courtesy of sammy poh)
so why wouldnt i be happy when me best buddy told me that he's performing hands down, ONLY THE BEST SONG EVR WRITTEN, with his band passive fire for an acoustic gig at bings! n he even dedicated the song to me... *screams*
well i actually demanded for it la bt he AGREED... so yeah...
i mean the connection btween aaron, dashboard n i... we go way back.... WAY BACK!

we were all there to support aaron! hw sweetttt...

and fab was lk a proud parent, video-taping evr single moment!!!
(psst... doesnt fab shirt look familiar?!?!?!)

the gig started around 7... but an influx of people only came in around 9.
aaron's band was the 6th band scheduled to perform around 9.30 (dey performed 8 10 tho) so that gaf us plenty of time to mingle around and cam-whore with buddha looking...
and then the moment arrived... MY MOMENT arrived...
ok aaron's moment arrived...

*Hands down this is the best day*
* I can ever remember,I'll always remember*
* the sound of the stereo,the dim of the soft lights,*
*the scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers*
*and the time on the clock when we realized it's so late*
*and this walk that we shared together.*
*The streets were wet and the gate was locked*
* so I jumped it,and I let you in.*
*And you stood at your door*
* with your hands on my waist*
*and you kissed me like you meant it....*

i was swooned!
and that's soo wrong cuz aaron's me best buddy! *shy*
now i know how groupies feel...
the energy of the band, the killer lyrics and the soothing voice of the lead...
aaron msgd me the night after his performance, obviously still high and euphoric.
he thanked me 4 being there...
what he didnt noe is that i shud be thanking him for choosing my fav song to sing...
i've nvr heard some1 singin one of my fav songs live and to do it justice means the world to me.
all the emotions aaron pt into the song as he sang it... made the song untouchable in my book now!
that was my favourite performance of the night... HANDS DOWN!

3 gaps filled:

Anonymous said...

an applause for the Chot Chot-ters!!! =P

aaronparan said...

awwww. thanks phyll!! :) so sweet ba you!

but seriously, thank you sooo much for coming. you guys gave me the confidence, man. hehehe!!

phyl said...

sam: yes indeed! applause 4 d pacifiers... oops... i mean passive fire

aaron: welcome! wad confidence??? u had it in ur bloody buddy!

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