seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

Université Part 2: Making the Student Visa

The next step after being accepted into a university abroad is to apply for a Student Visa.

Having chosen Northumbria University, Newcastle as the university to complete my LLB, a UK Student Visa is now a must.

Where and how to apply for a UK Visa can be found here

The busiest time to fix a student visa is from the month of july till august as the centre will usually expect an influx of students applying their visas before commencement of respective courses in september. Therefore, submitting an online application and then booking an appointment online is advisable to avoid long queues.

The British High Commission that processes the visa is rather strict and therefore one must make sure that they have all original supporting documents like financial evidence, unconditional acceptance from the university, past education certificates and etc. as evidence. All documents must be photostated and certified. If possible, all relevant documents like an air ticket itinerary to the UK or accommodation offers should be presented as to leave out any areas of doubt.

a checklist (click me) of what is needed can be found on their official website as guidance.

A recent photograph of yourself is needed for the application.
The photo requirements are as follows:
i) taken against a white background
ii) printed on normal photographic paper
iii) must be 45 mm x 35 mm in size
iv) every distinguishing face feature must be shown without sunglasses, hat or head covering depending on applicant's religious belief.
v) if possible, do not smile! (and so i didnt)... so basically, the picture must look lk this...
i hate passport/ visa pictures! look at my huge forehead and the soon to be balding patch on the top left corner of my head. i look ghostly pale... my eyes are not d same size and my eyebrows... sigh... i had no idea my eyebrows are nt even levelled until i saw the pic! i seriously hate passport pics. one can never look glamorous in this kind of pic... well unless you're janice dickinson of course then i guess some authorities will make that exception.

A recently introduced system called the Biometrics Data is now required from all visa applicants. Biometrics is introduced to address the growing problem of identity theft. Applicants are called into a room where all 10 fingers are digitally scanned and a digital photograph will be taken.
The digital fingerprint scanner will not accept wounded fingers therefore it is important not to injure your fingers before your appointment. Even a papercut might reject you from applying.

Do not fret, it is just your 10 fingers and not your entire arm or hand. So having your right arm plastered with kiddy plasters because of sand fly bites that became septic will not harm your chances of getting your visa processed.

If you live in Malaysia, the UK Visa Application Centre is located in the MCA building, Ampang. It's within walking distance from KLCC therefore the convenience should you need to do last minute banking or you discover you lack certain documents or your photograph do not meet the standard requirements. All can be done in KLCC itself as i gt my photograph taken there as well as my sponsor's bank statement certified.

Though it is not stated bt it is best that you dress semi-formal to your appointment. Snickers can pass as semi-formal and it is far more advisable to use them as footwear rather than uncomfortable two and a half inch heels. Trust me, walking from the MCA Building to KLCC with heels can be torturing...

and thanks to that walk... i could hardly walk the next day and my lil toe had to be plastered :(

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shenspeaks.com said...

pls change your passport photo. too naive looking which is not the real u.

Anonymous said...

agreed. too naive LOL!!! u must've been overtly nervous while at it.

phyl said...

shen + sam:
wellll... it's a visa pic...
naive is better than lookin miang...
i was no where near nervous while d lady snapped me pic... hehe... proves that am a good actress...

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