seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

penguin as gadgets?

so what is this nice looking penguin doing on my laptop?
ok mayb its nt soooo nice looking. its rather retarded looking actually.
but while the penguin lacks in its look, it is pretty useful actually.
it's a notebook cleaner.

it has a rather square looking tummy of felt wipes and a brush as extended legs. pretty cool ey.

here's a lil demonstration...

felt wipes to wipe the dusty monitor.

and when the felt is dirty... simply tear the outer layer for another new layer.

the brush helps in cleaning those hard-to-reach-dust hidden between the keys of the keyboard.
cool ey!


WTF is irene's favourite tennis player, rafael nadal doing in all d pics....
*scrolls up n re-look*

i happened to be at the ATP page (right after rafa's french open win) when i 'documented' the usage of the penguin.
N nadal's all ovr the page. talk about overrated 4 sum1 who has a wedgie every single GAME.
i knew the man was an attention seeker (his on-court grunts r evidence) bt i certainly didnt know dat d man has the nerves to even hog the limelight of a poor penguin.
*shakes head*

4 gaps filled:

kehvin said...

i actually saw this in the malls here actually but couldn't be ass to ask what it was. besides, it is a little bit too cutesy for a guy to use isn't it.

CreativeBitchin said...

i know that penguin! it's my sister's web-cam, with glowing red eyes... we call it the evil 'guin. haha.


CreativeBitchin said...

my fav tennis player i mean

phyl said...

kehvin: most guys unconsciously lk cutesy stuffs anyway.

iwene: it's a WEBCAM too... wow... so dis penguin is actually famous.
nadal is ur fav. tennis player wad... i hear u talk mo about him den any other players. kekekeke

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