seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

Oh No! Badly Burnt Yo!

OK... i shudnt panic!
well... shud I????? shud i be worried? the photoshoot is afterall this comin sunday!

the genius that i am knowing that sunday is the photoshoot and that i needed more colour, actually went tanning on tues (thus the eco tour) hoping to get the golden tan that i dream offfffff everyday....but instead, i ended up being burnt on both my shoulders and the tip of my nose!

that wouldnt be an issue if i'm not going for a photoshoot on sunday and not for the fact that the outfit i carefully picked two weekends ago happened to be a bare-back!!!!

wad's worst... i got an effing HUGE VISIBLE TAN LINE ACROSS MY BACK!!!!!

seriously... i've done everything i could... like:-

*applied four fcking layers of lotion onto my skin
*immediately apply egg white and honey, a traditional remedy onto my skin...
*recuperate three days at home
*applied aloe vera on my skin... both the natural plant and the facial wash bcuz i cudnt find the gel ( i was actually jumping for joy when i saw that my facial wash had aloe vera substance in it... though it felt kinda weird rubbing ur facial wash onto your shoulders as you shower)
*applied Vitamin E lotion all over the burnt

so i guess der's nothing else i cud do bt pray...
i guess it worked in a way cuz i'm healing... the burnt dont hurt s much anymo and now d skin on the tip of my nose is peeling...
BUT that's not good news issit... peeling skin... photoshoot!!!


there's always photoshop rite....


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CreativeBitchin said...

ngaitee. for a moment there you scared me. was wondering how a little sunburn could turn you so BLACK.

apply plenty of aloe. if you can find the plant, even better. or get from my house.

anyway if all fails, remember there's always photoshop =P

phyl said...

heh... DARK nt BLACK!!!!

i haf aloe... jus dat the plant is very smalll... baby aloe... hehehe

d shoot was dis morning n i tink dey r gonna use PS la... HEHEHHE

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