seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

to spay or not to spay?!?!?!

after a long ponder and weighing up the pros and cons, i've finally come to a decision.

yes... i've decided to spay bubbles.

but seriously, as painful and suffering as it is, this is for the best AND only for the best.

i) it reduces the chances of getting cancer by 99.5%. wow! does not get better than that!

ii) it helps control doggie hormones during mating seasons. both my legs will be happy with that cuz getting humped is no fun... bubs can b a lil aggressive sumtimes even to the extent of leaving scratch marks behind :(
AND do you know how embarrassing it is when you come out from the kitchen with your guests' drinks in your hands only to see that your lil pooch has been 'entertaining' your guests wif special hugs.
'hey... looks like i have pheromones after all' a friend said barely a smile on the face that left me stunned. i seriously did not know where to hide my hot-burning face after that!

iii) let us all gather together and rejoice for bubbles wont be experiencing heat cycles anymore *peace* meaning say bye bye to Ms. Flow who has been pretty much a nuisance since we live in a condo. wiping after a red dot trail isnt fun sumtimes.

iv) apparently neutering can end certain 'bad' behaviours. believe it or not, i did a survey once on dogage.com and found out that bubbles has minor behavioural problems because she begs for food at the dinner table and jumps on2 the guests well ok more lk prowl on2 the guests. hopefully by spaying her, she'll be more well behaved. *HOPEFULLY- sorry mr. paran. two words. gio tee.*

so i stand firmly with my decision. a decision i dreaded at first. bt having researched and actually reading through some articles regarding neutering, it is basically a positive thing to do. both health and behaviour benefits from it and what more can i ask for when it states that it extents your doggie's life.
w/o a doubt that is the main reason i'm goin' for this! of course i also have dreams that bubbles will live to the day she can even play catch with my children... there's no denying that!

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bian3033 said...

nono... don spay her. just find her a bf. tat will solve the prob. let her have babies... maybe she wants it too. My apple humps too. bt i trained her nt to la. and she listens. so theres hope. after spaying her, definitely she will change n it will nt be the same bubbles nemore. so kolian la.

Samantha said...

Bubbles: Mommy let me have babies and I'll owe you the world after that!

phyl said...

fab + sam: we dun wan bubs 2 have saggin tits sooooooooo d best is to haf her spayed. it's 4 health benefits tooooo.

shenspeaks.com said...

sorry to bubs... for her right to give birth being robbed. bubs jr is hopeless now...

aaronparan said...

hmmm. erm.. i'm just hoping tht bubs wont be so traumatised. heheh.

let me knw if she's better behaved tho. you knw, so i can come over sometime.

phyl said...

shen: we nvr planned to let bubs haf lil bubbles running around... so it makes no diff. even if we spay her o nt...

aaron: yeah... am hopin dat she wont be traumatised toooo... bt she's a strong gal. ok, u'll b d 1st person i'll call.

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