seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed


for all the uncertainties and all the questions about His existence,
for all the non-commitments of an agnostic,
i admit i was wrong and pompous,
for now i do believe in GOD and
all His PRAYERS.

Thank you is all i can say,
because of You, theresa came out unharmed,
with not a scratch mark, not a single bruise.
just the lost of a handphone, money and a car but NOTHING more.
and where the fear in the air was palpable,
YOU protected her and kept her strong.

i may have questioned Your existence before,
but now i'm a believer.
You are Almighty
for without You
i may be sitting here mourning instead of thanking You.
so thank you GOD!

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aaronparan said...

oii.. what happened??

tell me. tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!

Alau, S said...

what happen phyl??

phyl said...

no worries guys... she's alrite and since she's here wif me i shall gif u a chronology of event

- 3sa arrived at kl sentra parking lot
- 3 guys approached her car wif a knife demanding for money n promised 2 leave w/o hurting her
- a change of mind after obtaining money and they shoved 3sa 2 d back of the car.. pushing her down to the carfloor. 1 sat on d passenger seat in front, d other the driver and 1 sat at the back holding 3sa down.
- took 3sa's pillow cover and pulled it ovr her face

3am - 5.59am
they brought 3sa on a 'joyride' cuz d atm machines do not open til 6 am.
-stopped by a convenient store 2 gather some water.

after 6 am.
atm machine openned.
took a wopping 1,400-1,500 frm 3sa's bank.
brought 3sa 2 an abandoned land/ jungle in kajang n dropped her der taking off wif her phone, money n car.
3sa was left unharmed.

and thank god 4 dat.

Samantha said...

ooi Yor(hamsup man famous line) theresa super leng loi in this photo. good shot. you too phyl, without make up summore ;)

phyl said...

hehehe.... chiko ahpek line summo... we did pt on make up... dunno y nt visible... too bright mayb hehehe..... thx 4 d compliment tho. muakz

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