seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

sweeet may

i am not one who lives or dies by feng shui bt i do admit that i find it rather fascinating sometimes.

"this is an especially lucky month for you...
there are so many coming your
way that you'll wish there were more of you
so you can take advantage of more of them!"
- Lilian Too Feng Shui World May Issue

to me, that was spot on and as may 08 comes to an end, i release how fond i am about this year's month NO. 5. wait being fond is an understatement, i'm loving every moment of it.
and anybody who knows me welll would probably figure out why.

i) i've finally completed my diploma in law!!!!!!!!!!!! meaning no mo classes welll till sept 08 of course... bt that's a different story in a different country and in a different university.

ii) i'm over the moon because Manchester United is the Premier League and European Champions.

iii) an idol i rooted for actually won (for the first time) and is already showing signs of being a great recording artiste by dominating the itunes Top 100 charts beating artistes like coldplay and rihanna despite being an idol for only 24hrs.

it might be only three reasons but it's enough to make me ecstatic the entire year, i swear. what can i say, am an easily pleased person.
now if only i'm someone who actually believes in feng shui/astronomy/fortune telling, i would have pt my entire saving by placing bets on both Man U and David Cook CONFIDENTLY eventhough Chelsea and David Archuleta were strong opponents capable of crashing my party. yeah IF ONLY i had the guts, well obviously i chicken out...

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Anonymous said...

hiE. let me know when u're coming over to my place cos nat certified that i make good bruschetta ;)

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