seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

ting bijouterie

so basically the shopping trend now is to shop with your ass glued to your chair, eyes fixated to your computer screen and the mouse scrolling down the the scroll bar, clicking on the items you want.
online shopping has suddenly become the latest phenomenon and 'ebay' is everybody's favourite word today.

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so it's not surprising when my cousin ting decided to start her own line of jewellery, she wanted to sell them online. name of site : TING BIJOUTERIE

Quoting from her 'about us' page:-

"Can’t seem to find accessories you like in stores anymore?
Do you feel that the once exquisite ornaments that beautify a woman’s image have lost its touch...
Our line of jewelry is designed and crafted with care by a woman for the woman of all walks of life... Uniqueness is our specialty, and your satisfaction is our paramount goal. So let’s exult and accessorize together, shall we?"

My cousin's jewelries are crafted with only the finest materials like 925 Silver and 14K Gold filled wires and blending them with exquisite stones and Swarovski Crystals.

Launched only on the 15th this very month, ting bijouterie has a line of jewelries that has both the western and eastern influences in them.

below are the two earrings purchased by moi and i should receive them hopefully by this thursday. *smiles*

OH and GREAT NEWS people, though a lil late to convey(better late than never)...
a message below the site stating...

PROMOTION ends june 30th!!!!! so hop to ting bijouterie for more details on purchasing, shipping etc and also to view the line of jewelleries available.

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Anonymous said...

ur first link in this entry has an error.

phyl said...

oh.... thx 4 d point out sam! hope it works now.

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