seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

Ms. Storyteller

tears and blood spill in my veins
the aching pain of betrayal began
a friend is no longer a friend
but who's to blame?
the friend or the growing personality disorder that has slowly taken over

it's sad to see such a beauty defiled...
her harmless search for an identity soured
semblance of personalities used to hide a dreary self identity away
her new found confidence exerted to steal any attention that comes your way.

you sick sick girl
is that what you craved for
feeling mortally victorious when all eyes are on you
did that help in feeding your growing megalomania?

so what's behind that innocent smile facade?
what are you trying to hide from me?
you remain silent about the truth when i asked
when 'a minute and a second acquaintance' already knows your deepest secrets.

so your trust is given to someone you hardly know
was it because he has a stick between his legs
that is capable of spiting into your mouth as you spat the truth out
a mutual reciprocation of each other that until now you've been denying

what an evil sin
for you to fall in love with
constantly spinning me around your web of deceptions and lies
do you even feel slightly remorse?

so you think i remained clueless about your recent 'events'
would it shock you that i know of your secret visits
or hear stories of how you threw yourself at him
to encourage that growing sexual desire

did you think i underestimated your capabilities
believe me, stories about you parading around his room with nothing but eyeliner on
of you riding him and moaning in ecstasy
won't surprise me, at least not anymore.

a fine line between right and wrong has blurred for you my friend...
and in your search for truth, you've became an utmost lie.
and i'm jus waiting for the day you fall and melancholy cry
to say 'i told you so'...

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