seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

the trees along the road that drives me home


these are the trees along the road that drives me home.
these trees refresh my mornings and are the encouragement for the journeys ahead...
and as these trees emerge while driving home, i know that i'll be home safe n sound soon

bt who would think that these trees could take the lives of a 9 and 8 year old.
the elder dying at the moment of impact, the younger 2 days after.
it was like any other mondays, but their mother decided to make the last dash to school on the long winding and slippery road for they were already late.
a second was how long the car went out of control. bt it was enough to flip the car over to the opposite road before hitting two trees and plunging into the drain.
the mother is still in critical condition.
the sons will never make it to school, nt anymore.

who would think that the trees that calm my very soul everyday could turn deadly in just a second.

on the same disturbing issue, a friend got into an accident yesterday. and with all God's blessings, she was ok. nt a single bruise nt a single cut... only a shaken soul.
so here's a lil message to all drivers on rainy days lk this...
what's the rush? sometimes being late isnt the worst of all consequences.

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kehvin said...

what happened to the little girl?

Shellyn said...

Yes, whats the rush. Some things that are gone can never be taken back. :)

phyl said...

kehvin: it was a mistake... they were both boys.

shell: yup... it's better late than sorry right... glad dat to hear dat ur baby is alright now...

phyl said...


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