seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

bad hair days arent always bad...

a bad hair day is like swallowing a bitter pill. it's hard! and somehow you just feel lk shunning yourself away from society... who needs a first class view of your oily or lion mane of a hair. last week, being occupied with my deteriorating health, i went to class thursday night with uncombed and 'unconditionized' hair. split ends were visible and it looked like a tornado just hit me. bad hair days are usually embarrasing bt nt apparently when you have a sitting partner who took notice and decided to be 'hair-products' god for a day!

hair products from the lovely sam poh
(frm left-right) colour saver whip, sleek wonder straightener, biotouch colour protector rinse... all from wella.

my hair was impregnated with bronze dye last january and with my hectic schedule, i'm yet to pamper my hair with the treatment that it soooo needs. the hair was jumping up for joy when i brought the colour protector rinse back.
instructions were simple.
apply color protector after towel dry shampooed hair.
leave color protector for 5 minutes before rinsing off.
the once coarse and dry hair felt soft and smooth. the hair was delighted.

most of my curls from two years back were drastically chopped off before the new year. only a few survived. bt thanks to those few, i spent most of my time blow-drying them straight... only to have frizzy hair as an end result. sleek wonder straightener was given hopefully to conquer the problem.

sleek wonder applied onto damp hair.
hair smoothen by blow drying and long lasting straight look is created.
my hair cudnt be any straighter...

so i guess bad hair days arent always bad... pretty good actually when you come home with three wella hair products as a result.
thx samantha poh!!! my hair owes you one!

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Anonymous said...

Phyl whoa thanks for the dedication LOL you deserve those gifts. and not many friends have dyed hair. hugs n kisses ;) have fun playing with ur new hair care products. i'm playing with some already hehe!

joyce said...

you're so lucky to get so many hair products.

phyl said...

sam: u'r welcome n thank u!!!! i had lotsa fun playin wif my new hair products... :)

joyce: i am. VERY!

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