seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

life as we speak

had a little gathering with long lost friends recently at life cafe... and as we sat chatting till the end of the shop's operation hours... we reflected on life.

the businesswoman, the law student, the soon-to-be scientist, the musician talking about life at life cafe

it's never easy to predict life especially when you're young. who's to say that a kid would end up being a world class surgeon if he excelled in the game of 'Operation'. Albert Einstein, who later part of his life became famous for his magnificent formulas and genius of a brain, only learnt how talk when he was five! vicissitude of life as it is called (glad am putting my torts knowledge to good use) makes life hard to predict. and having that concept well implanted into my brains, why do i get alarmed and shocked when i hear stories about a certain friend and...

i) MARRIAGE! don't get me wrong, i think a life commitment is great if you 28 and stable bt at 22... you start questioning before you congratulate. 'are you sure? what if the ONE you marry isnt the ONE and the ONE who is actually THE ONE comes into your life only when your 25?' i mean are you even legal to marry at 22... i know physically you are... age of majority being 18 for women bt mentally... 22 is far frm mature.

ii) PREGNANCIES! are we even capable of being mums ourselves? even being a science student sometimes i do wonder, with the kind of life we're leading... is our body healthy or even capable to carry a BABY???? then a sudden flashback to the time my face turned green with envy after seeing a friend who used to be flatter than me flaunting her well developed bosoms thx to breast feeding hit me with a 'D-UH'.

iii) CHILDREN. so obviously being pregnant is scary bt when that baby that you've been carrying for 9 months pops out, that becomes a big burden. one thing's for sure... I-CANNOT-TAKE-CARE-OF-MYSELF, so taking care of a 24/7 crying creepy "crawler" would almost seem impossible. parenting is lk an obstacle course... after surviving the first year of sleepless nights of filling up milk bottles and changing diapers, the course only gets harder with the 'teaching your child manners' course. your vocabulary would instantly drop to 4 regular words a day and saying the word DONT becomes a habit especially when kids with their brain size of a pea can be more headstrong than me and unrelentingly rebellious.

mum of child: this is mummy's friend, call aunty phyllis
child: aunty phyllis
mum's friend: no it's ok you can call me phyllis. DONT call me aunty!
child: AUNTY phyllis.

isnt it funny how different life turned out to be between you and your peers after leaving school. 6 years ago we all pretty much had similar goals. 6 years later we change.
a friend might be looking at kindergarten brochures for her baby that's turning 5 next year when i'm busy choosing the best university for my final year.
another might be buying nursing bras and a new bra size because of breast feeding while my excuse for buying a new cup isnt about breast feeding but rather am a late bloomer.
owh and the embarrassing fact that i'm turning 23 this year and i'm still living on dad's money while most of my peers are already earning!

life as we speak turns out differently every time... so next time when your 3 year old lists his future occupation as doctor... dont be jumping up for joy... i wanted to be an astronaunt once, a sumo wrestler another time without knowing what it meant and a florist!

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Anonymous said...

lets see what happens when i snatch a bride's bouquet and tell you "catch"

being u, u'd be thinking OwHhh flowersss! *phyllis catches*

*deja vu magic works its way twang twang twang*

PoOOf! Phyllis gets married at 23 =P

phyl said...

married at 23.... wad happens if my prince charming comes at 25?!?!?! n i'll b unfaithful... n wen my husband says i love u... i'll b lk ben stiller wif the love love love love love... LOL

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