seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

five - four - four - seven

the beauty about living in a democratic country is the right to vote. march 8 2008 was declared malaysia's election day and it's the first time the first batch of Generation-Y babies (1981-1995) are eligible to vote.
this 12 general election marks my maiden election.

this hand did the voting... did yours voted? i've always been interested in politics and being a 'virgin voter' this year, the interest rose to another level. i love seeing how politicians blatantly promise you the entire world just to get your one vote. i love hearing accusations by the opposition of the government's maladministration and then witnessing how the government counter-attack by saying the promises promised by the oppositions are just masquerades. the outcome of the vote is no way near a foregone conclusion and casting one vote will be drawn into the maelstrom of conflicting emotions.

a subtle experience awaits as i voted. i went to my polling centre solo as i was separated from my much more experience parents. being totally new at this, i did not know what to expect. my IC was handed over to the volunteer and with my voting serial number, he traced my name on the list. a little bewildered, the guy asked for the pronunciation of my name. i whispered phyllis treating the voting centre like a library. without any warning, the guy piped up my voting serial number, my IC number and my name. standing right in front of the guy and not expecting such an amplified voice, i jumped. a little embarrassed, i swear i heard little giggles from the witnesses afar.
i walked to the voting box and as i stared at the ballot paper for the very first time... i hesitated... how do you vote again? was it an X or a tick? talk about first timer anxiety...

bt i managed in the end and voted for reasons that are personal.
tonight will be interesting... half of the nation will be gluing themselves to the television to know the outcome of this morning's vote.
there will be both tears of joy and sorrow but by tomorrow morning, there will be a new government for us all.

5-4-4-7 is my voting serial no.
last night malaysians decided and made history. we're looking for a revolution and for the first time since our independence, we have a mix government. some say it could be caused by the 1.4 million new voters who had a different idea. even political blogger jeffrey ooi made it as a new MP.... congrats! that's the beauty of democracy people.

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Anonymous said...

Barisan was sweating last night!!!! Even Samy Vellu lost on his 72nd birthday!

Shellyn said...

im bumbed...i should hav registered earlier..see now i missed the thrill of havin ur name called out loud and ur IC announced to the whole world....

phyl said...

anonymous: really... samy vellu's 72... WOW!

shell: hahaha... welll wait 4 another 5 yrs... o better register now n wait 4 another 2 yrs 4 d state election... den u'll xperience ur name bein called out loud n ur IC announced to the whole world.

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