seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

how i ALMOST became becky bloomwood...

13 days ago... we welcomed the new year and no one welcomed the new year with wider arms than the singles. why?
2 words: red packets... easy windfall... mo money!!!
sooo unlike past years, i basically sat and pondered about what i should purchase with my new found fortune. it could be maturity, it could be the fear of being broke AGAIN bt i've finally narrowed my list down to jackets. YES... am gonna spend my money wisely by purchasing a fashionable jacket. it's nt a want bt rather a need... the current jackety owned isnt so white anymore plus i will be using it religiously soon in a four seasons country.

bt then i saw a really cute crop suit jacket in Esprit and wished i own it too.
so there i stood and pondered... well since i'll be using lotsa jackets in the future... maybe buying two isnt too much. i mean it's a need and not a want right, so that will never be 'over-spending'... so yeah... mayb i'll get two jackets! it's not like am purchasing something totally out of the list... i'm still buying a jacket... just two of them!

i was hoping to stick to my strict regime bt i somehow found my way to the shoe section and couldnt help but salivate at a pair of sandals i saw in sembonia. only problem was it cost a bombing RM119. for a pair of sandals? bt the cheap bata sandals i bought didnt last too long... so maybe RM119 will last much longer than a pair that cost RM49.90... you think? plus it's really really nice... and it goes really well with my red toe nails... nt many sandals can pull that off you know!!!!

fashionable jacket = RM200.00++
crop suit jacket = RM 400.00++
sembonia sandals = RM119.00++

that totals up to .... minus money earned frm ang pow... and that will leave me with -100++...
*oh boy! oh boy! breath... breath* i hate being a student who relies on the monthly allowances given from dad!!! *ok i should calm down now* maybe i should start working *seriously??!?!* but am too lazy. *sigh*sigh*sigh* i guess i'll need to recalculate and rethink the situation before purchasing anything at all! am no rebecca bloomwood... am responsible with money. *screams*

bubbles, on the other hand is pretty happy with her latest purchase (with my help of course)... money frm the red packet given by her favourite aunt spent on hair clips. the lucky bugger is contented!

and boy are those hair clips cute!!!

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Anonymous said...

you have a cute way of blogging.

phyl said...

owh... thx ANONYMOUS! lol

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