seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

the ultimate food report

fifteen days of great celebration ending at midnight, sixteen days of pure gluttony come and go and still nt many people know how food obsess chinese people can be during festive seasons. pure sin of gluttony safely hidden from the public eye thanx to our petite sizes! Chinese New Year isnt just about celebrating the new year but also a celebration of great chinese cuisines... eating and guzzling those carbs and calories in 16 days with great relish and to what i call the 'ultimate food devour'.

the eve of the new year...

celebration starts at the eve of the new year. a variety of chinese cuisines specially cooked for the reunion dinner. having fish is a must for good luck and duck is a must serve tradition. yummy shark fin soup will be the crowd's favourite and vegetables cooked with abalone and dried mussels leaves one wanting more. new to this year's menu was baked cheesy prawns with wine for that added flavour. the year of the golden rat anticipated with bloated tummies...

1st and 2nd day of the new year

if you think that chinese new year is only a celebration of chinese cuisines... well you're only half correct. unlike the mainlands, malaysian chinese enjoy a great deal of the local delicacies. our taste for good food is so diversify and one would think that we have an appetite as colourful as our country's ethnicity.

3rd day of the new year

single handedly, i have prolly left an impression of how gluttonous we have become. allow me to clarify on that... chinese new year is also a celebration shared with close friends and relatives. nothing matters more than having great company while we eat... sammy poh cooked us a great meal on the 3rd day and showered a bread lover with pastries... :)

4th - 14th day of the new year

the fun might be over for most of us by the 4th day as we head back to our daily routines of work and school bt the celebration is far from over. days are still filled with sugar as we keep our sweet tooth happy with leftover goodies. cakes for breakfast and cookies and nuts works so well with tea during tea breaks in the evening.

15th day of the new year

like what all wise men say, all great celebration must come to an end! to celebrate that end, leave was taken and class skipped just for the family dinner. noodles cooked for longevity and fish for luck while the shark fin had a lil twist this year... fried shark fin with crab meat and eggs. something different i must say!

with a rounder tummy and bigger buttocks, am saying adios to a great chinese new year and a tummy filled with lil noodles here, some fish and shark fin there and lotsa curry and bread from the dinner 4 hours ago! happy chap goh mei people!

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kehvin said...

somehow u manage to make miss cny back home.

kehvin said...

*make ME miss

tINg` said...

more food??????? expanding horizontally lor.... okay.. JK.... but i didn't manage to eat all the food u showed.... but ur mom's cakes are THE BEST!!

phyl said...

kehvin: COME HOME THEN!!!!

ting': actually der's stil some of mum's cakes left!!!!! lol... u can either come bac b4 dey finish o jus wait til nex yr... LOL

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