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Happiness Is A Warm Gun

from the director's creative idea to the great visuals, the ambitious imagery portrayed through psychedelic effects and the modernised Beatles covers... am currently intrigued by this movie/ musical...

my obsession is obvious... have been spreading news bout the movie to anyone who would listen: dat being sam, aaron n irene :)

Across the Universe is obviously a Beatles Musical... creating a war/love story through combining a mixture of 33 incongruous Beatles songs together. the movie is truly an original.

what's compelling about this movie is that i can finally remember the great actress evan rachel wood was in Thirteen! (her sexually provocative Heart Shaped Glasses video is to be blamed for the temporary memory loss) and a complete alteration of my own personal view that The Beatles songs were only mediocre despite their undeniable success.

Yes! i used to think that Beatles songs were only mediocre. it's a personal opinion so even if you start throwing Beatles Trivia at me like the song Yesterday is in the Guinness Book Of Records for being the most covered song in history... it's still my own personal opinion! Well that perception has obviously changed thx to Across the Universe, the movie not the Beatles song.

I have to say their tunes are pretty catchy and apart frm Yellow Submarine (thank gudness it's not one of the 33 songs in the movie) McCartney/Lennon do write good lyrics. One that captivates me the most is the hidden meaning behind Happiness Is A Warm Gun. a gun stays warm after a trigger is pulled and happiness that follows... hmmm kinda gives you a dark feeling huh, it's like a tour into a psycho's mind... giving 4 stars out of five for this one. GO catch the movie :)

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Samantha said...

mmm it's prolly gonna come out soon. just saw details in Peaches' mag. i saw the title. don't remember the release date tho. will let u know.

Anonymous said...

yes this is a good musical to watch :)

phyl said...

samantha: wen dey do release it here... (wic i doubt) we'll go catch it together k :)

anonymous: *thumb up and a wink*

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