seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

a desperate tv fan...

am gonna kiss eric kripke on the cheeks for being such a genius. i was a regular follower of the series back in season 1, who became a fan in season 2. Now with only 7 episodes showing in their third season, am already an ADDICT.

46 words and a picture, yet i havent mentioned the name of the series. SUPERNATURAL is the given name and every week, two hotties driving around the states in a sexy 1967 chevy impala, hunting paranormal events based on folklore and urban legends are all reasons to make a girl "titillated" (nt the paranormal events, the guys and the impala)

i am sure that many of you have heard about the 2007 Writers Guild of America Strike that started on November 5. As it prolongs, the strike will effect numerous television productions. Shows like Heroes, Ugly Betty and Grey's have already been postponed because of the strike and sadly Supernatural is one of the 157 series affected. Supernatural has only 10-12 episodes completed thus leaving the unfinished season 3 on an indefinite hiatus. to some of you, this might not be an issue, bt to a tv addict like me, this is no different than plunging a dagger into my already damaged heart.
if you'll only hear me out, am gonna profess my love to the show and one jensen ackles.
pic frm flickr

i'll still watch supernatural even if jensen's super-manly-packed-with-testosterone-face is completely altered into something utterly feminine as animated by Stardoll.com , a site introduced by fashion guru aaron.

i'll still watch supernatural even if jensen is more cross-eyed than he already is and puts on cherry lip gloss.

i'll still watch supernatural even if jensen's well developed abs turns into a flabby maggoty pale belly.

i'll still watch supernatural even if jensen has a flat package with no visible bulge and his deep soothing voice is substituted with a high-pitch whiny voice.

i'll still watch supernatural even if jensen has deformed feet, short legs, fat arms and is practically hairless like how Stardoll suggested and i dun wan jensen to be out of work because of the writers guild strike. :(

i'll do the same for jared padalecki though i'll still watch supernatural even if producers decide to kill his character off which is highly unlikely.

argh... something should be done!!!!!! i honestly am not in the mood to watch reruns over and over and over again!!!

stop the strike.... please!?!?!?!?

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kehvin said...

according to sources, there's only 1 episode of heroes left to show before they start playing reruns. sad!

Anonymous said...

write them samples of what would u like to happen. if they like it, propose for them to pay u something. not anything though. at desperate measures, this just might save the day.

phyl said...

kehvin: :(

sam: the strike is a current event in the america, dont tink they'll take me seriously... me being malaysian n all. no worries am nt dat desperate YET :)

MisS FaBuLoUs said...

o. m. g.

aaron still fiddles around with stardoll?

haha. n to think of that he caught me playing with that last time.


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