seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed


a friend of mine went camping last weekend and that brought back memories of me camping early summer of 05...

the place was golden, canada and the scenery was magnificent. i've never seen skies that blue before and DAISIES... they were growing out in the wild, heavily covering the understory and that made me more excited than anyone else.

we camped in the modern way! yup no tents bt a trailer instead. the trailer belonged to a fren of ours.
thanx to the trailer, we had proper beds to sleep on and a heater that actually kept us warm during the night.

the only drawback was, it had no water supply.
you dont need to be einstein to know that a flush doesnt work w/o water and a toilet bowl is basically useless when u cant flush it...
soooo we had to hike UP probably less than a minute to an abandoned land to poop/ pee.
the steps were simple:
i) dig a small hole
ii) poop into that hole
iii) bury that hole...
i had trouble doing all of that.
it wasnt constipation... i was being a wussy. i didnt haf the courage to poop in the wild or should i say out in the open... peeing was hard 8 first bt it was a necessity and i practically froze my butt cheeks while i was at it.
however, i never build that courage to poop and the one time dat i almost did, a pair of squirrels popped out frm nowhere and scared the living daylights out of me. conveniently, they stood on the log that i chose to hide behind. the very same log that was suppose to block me frm any on-lookers, my hiding ground, my safety zone. the squirrels stood there staring at the squatting human who had her pants down. i stared back and for a moment nothing happened.
it was not like they wanted to attack me or they were laughing at me, they were apathetic.
bt in the end, the conscience in me felt that poop operation had to be abolished and so i walked back to the trailer with a full bowel. i eventually did carry out operation poop the next day at a petrol station where we stopped to get gas.
what an experience ey but camping was a blast and i'll do it again!

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Samantha said...

hey ur sister and u look like u guys have quite a great deal in common. that's so cool, a trailer! su-weet canada. that's where americans run to for freedom lol. convicts or sth?

bian3033 said...

squirrels!!!! hahaha...funny lah u phy. i cant imagine me doin that out in the open area. but it sounds very fun.

phyl said...

sam: on the face of it (prima facie LOL) we do look lk we haf lotsa things in common bt actually we'r total opposites... ahaha nt 2 sure bout d convicts part bt canada is super peaceful... more peaceful den america actually

fab: yes i noe... it's embarassing isnt it to be watched by squirrels while u'r doin ur business... bt camping was super fun :)

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