seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

i'm back

i'm finally home in kuching...
it's near the end of the month and finally an update from me.
the tight and busy schedule that occupied most of my time in Newcastle cannot be blamed this time for it's just pure laziness.

*some of you are of the opinion that much of my time in newcastle has been devoted to late night drinking and clubbing... i, however, beg to differ for my books have been given equal treatment only no photos were captured as evidence of such nerdy times.

i, for months have anticipated the heat that have waited patiently for my return. so much so that a hype was build around it just to make my peers in the uk jealous of me. it, however, took only two minutes for me to embrace the tropical heatwave before i find myself missing the colder British weather.

reason being that although the body adapted almost immediately to the different time zones, it could not with the immediate change of climate. the body was unable to release heat thanks to much smaller sweat pores that were out of used for 9 months. while most malaysians were sweating and releasing heat the same time, i remained dry and burning inside.
a week has passed. now i sweat more than two pigs combined and the shower is my new hangout place at home.

* and to think that at the very moment this picture was capture, the mind was trying to recollect the tropical heat back home.

am glad that there are no mentions of any weight gain since coming home from bread haven, only one or two, who's prolly due for their regular eye check up soon.

* daily bread consumptions in the uk hardly changed my figure as you can see my tiny breasts remained tiny compared to aaron's.

only a week since being back home, the list of local food written across two pages has been proudly and gluttonously consumed. maybe this time, when i head back to Newcastle, friends there would notice the slightly rounder ass and belly. or maybe the defensive phyllis might emerge once more and accuse them of not checking their eyesights regularly. but until then, i shall enjoy the company of my family, my beloved pooch and friends.

*the pooch is still d same old pooch i left 9 months ago... came back right in time for her 4th birthday...

am heading down to damai this weekend as i think the sun and i are in need of catching up. hopefully, the planet's only source of natural light will not be too excited with the renewal of our acquaintance as to burn me maggoty pale skin badly and turning me into a lobster just in time for my graduation. a slightly golden tan is what am looking for thank you. :)

* and yes.... this is how i dress to the beach in UK

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