seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

so how's your raya so far?

sooo are you all done stuffing yourself with nicely wrapped ketupats, colourful kek lapis, and the spicy savoury taste of the rendang, curry and ayam masak ____ (add colour of your choice).

i fcking miss raya food.
i spent raya morning bundled up under my blankett, missing home... and then dragging my ass to school.

by afternoon, i was with miss nurulle in a kebab shop.
no rendang or curry for us... no kek lapis, no air syrup... just a kebab, that was enough for the both of us.

nurul cooked rendang the night itself.
and it was just the right kinda spicy 4 our standard...
to the european housemates who tried, it was burning hot. LOL!
we 3 tiny malaysian girls (isla, nurul n i) with the help of the rendang of course made the 193cm espanyol dude cry.
kekekekeke.... malaysia boleh kan!

3 gaps filled:

aaronparan said...

la la la.

i guess i shouldnt post about raya visiting then.

missed you during raya btw. :)

Lion in the Jungle said...

wahahahhahaha selamat ali baba....

or selamat hari rara..

Samantha said...

u didn't make urself some malaysian food for raya? nurul could've helped (if she learned cooking =P)

i'm back from kl. HUNGRY!

nat should be back. could look for her later.

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