seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed


there are four places (and maybe more) in the world you have to visit for eye-catching breathtaking sceneries.
New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Scotland.

and with my weekend gateway (with isla) to Scotland... Switzerland becomes the sole country on that list that i'm yet to visit.

6.25 in the morning... train ride from newcastle to scotland

Scotland was breathtaking... exactly like how movies had portrayed it to be, the scenery was wonderfully majestic.

'scotland' taken from the train

and for three days, my eyes were treated to the beautiful landscape it had to offer...
perth, scotland (not perth down under) was our destination...
it is a small town north of Edinburgh where isla's maternal family chose to inhabit for almost over 60 years now.

here are snippets of moments captured by the lens of my camera while i was there:-

here's isla's grandma who is truly an inspiring lady.
60 years ago she traveled all the way to Scotland from Germany alone... without knowing a word of English and picking up the language later only by reading comic books thrown by a 7 year old who lived nearby.

the marble cake she baked was delicious...

we helped by cleaning up the 'mess'....

the miserable cold walk to isla's aunty anita's plc...

isla's favourite aunty anita...

the view from aunty anita's plc.

wind blowing the tree


staying warm by the fireplace

isla's nephew Kieran, who broke his leg

signing the cast.

i've finally tasted cock-a-leekie soup.

Scotland was freezing but it was a much needed gateway...
and now i'm back in newcastle with two layers of jacket on.
It has been a very cold last week of october and we're expecting snow tonight.

oh n btw... i'm officially 8 hours behind you guys back in malaysia...
the cold miserable winter is coming... FAST... as we speak....

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phyl omg.. learning english from a comic book a 7 yr old threw away? she's pure genius!

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