seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed


my 3 months holiday officially begun two weeks ago and already i'm bored outta my wits. i think i've lazed around my house enough, been to every corner of all the five malls we have here, downloaded every possible movies available online, seriously isnt into clubbing till the wee hours of the morning anymore and actually turned from dog master into dog playmate for the past two weeks. argghhh, the days are getting longer and so are the nights, i'm so bored i dun think there's a cure.

and apparently thx to the previous post, i'm now known as 'THE GEEK' by some of my peers. and that actually gave me an idea... i prolly start engrossing myself with geeky projects and stuff. 8 least that will keep me occupied.

i shall read more novels like all geeks do.

and i did exactly that. well not exactly... i initiated it by borrowing books from friends. heh thx eva and sam...

men in kilts?!?!?! well geeks read kinky love stories too... sometimes! well 8 least this self-proclaimed geek does!

and if that's not geeky enough, i've actually started a new project. knitting. i shall knit myself a scarf for the cold winter i'll be experiencing this coming december.

and YES i know how to knit! surprise surprise... i can be feminine sometimes too ok. though my knitting skills are pretty limited as i dunno much designs and my workmanship can be a lil rough at the edges but at least i can knit... well try to.

see... i did that by myself.
and i'll show you the end result when it's finish, no worries.

so hopefully i will be busy and occupied till say mid-july?
well i certainly hope so... here's to hoping that i finish all three books and also the scarf though...
it'll definitely be a challenge knowing that my attention span is no longer than a three year old's and my level of determination is 2 on a scale from 1 to 10. :(

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Anonymous said...

u went to sleep already? thought u're on msn. logged on. u did say u're gonna blog bout bubbles. put some pictures of bubs up. nurul would like to see 'em!

Shellyn said...

wow never knew u can knit. im impressed! teach me teach me~~

phyl said...

sam: tink i've blog a tad bit too muc on bubbles... hehe. bt dat's nt gonna stop me if something interestin happens.

shell: ok, i'll teach u after ur exam k...

Miss Bimbo said...

oooohhh...i'd love to learn knitting

phyl said...

actually knitting is hell but looking at the end product is heaven! hehehehe

i wud love to teach... bt heh my scarf is looking pretty rough now! visible joints... crooked lines... sigh

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