seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed


i'm keen in getting a tattoo one day in future. you know mayb a butterfly jus above the left ankle bone, symbolising freedom and the ability to travel to many places wherever and whenever i want.
it's sexy having tattoos but if your entire body is covered with art then that'll be a tad bit distracting. tattoos bring art to life and basically that's the whole beauty of it.

so what brought me to a tattoo parlour yesterday? my one day in future wasnt up yet so i was there to give irene a little moral support as she gts inked for life. she conveniently called me a cheerleader... hardee har har, if dat was true then i guess i forgot my pom poms.

Located in Chonglin Park, Magic Hand Tatoo is very easy to spot. it's situated on the first row of shophouses as you turn into chonglin park and it helps that the signboard is pretty outstanding. Magic Hand Tattoo is owned by a very gifted young artist who also happens to be my friend's brother (tell me about it, kuching is VERY small). gifted in art, no wonder he named his shop after his hand being so magically gifted.

irene and johnson aka the tattoo artist/fren's bro having a creative discussion on where to place the tattoo. irene decided to go old skul and settled for a chinese character that means loyalty and faithfulness. first time she told me on msn, faithfulness was read as fruitfulness... -____-

placement of the tattoo was finally decided. 'Loyalty' is to be inked on irene's left hip bone. apparently ms. creativebitchin thinks her tummy is bloated. another hardee har har moment... i mean i'll have to starve myself 4 8 least a week 4 my tummy 2 b dat flat.

johnson is pretty skillful i must say. pretty patient too... well you have to if you have a client like irene who keeps on moving even when you ask her nt too. 'it tickles' she'll answer back in her own defence.

a bit too relax huh?

well i guess if you have three tattoos: a battered angel turned into a badass lady, a dragon and a snake... getting a forth wud mean nothing and thus the tickles!!!

the final product and irene's one satisfied customer. she loves the brush stroke details at the end.
johnson isnt just a gifted tattoo artist... he's a gifted artist overall.
prices are charged reasonably and apart from doing tattoos, johnson does graphic design, photography and fine arts.
anyone interested may contact johnson at magichandtattoo@yahoo.com.

hmmm... now am really 'inspired' to get a tattoo and hopefully irene's new tatt will keep her loyal and fruitful faithful.

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CreativeBitchin said...

NOT FRUITFUL! don't want to be fruitful just yet hahaha.

CreativeBitchin said...

and oh crap... so bloated...

Anonymous said...

kinda bloated. LOL! shoulda tattoed there.. 'bloated'.

phyl said...

irene: hahaha... u'll b fruitful 1 day... ahhaha... bloated frm tuak dat long?

sam: hahaha... tattooin bloated on tummy is really funnny... it's lk emphasizing sumthin dat is already der to the max!

shenhspeaks.com said...

tatoo where got fun?

phyl said...

yes yes... i noe... i'll keep ur advise in mind! i'll tink about d time i'm an ah ma n my grandchildren askin me wad's dat distorted dot near my ankle!

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