seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

david cook

i admit, i wasnt a david cook fan although i saw some potential when he performed billie jean. welll not until last night and also the fact that michael johns is out of the competition, david completely blew me away. i was close to tears. his version of mariah carey's always be my baby was so haunting that according to 'some' it gave them eargasm... lol! this guy has talent and unlike chris daughtry in season 5, david cook is able to turn any song into a rock song that all listeners from different genre could connect to.

david cook singing mariah's always be my baby

everyone in the studio loved it, the judges loved it... randy jackson gave him a standing ovation and the viewers around the world including me cant wait to download the studio version from itunes. like paula said, it has potential to be a movie soundtrack.

david even teared a little. ryan said those were tears of joy. bt i think there's something more to that. it was a certain studio audience that brought the rocker to tears. remember the initial AC on david's guitar... well that's david's brother, adam cook (AC) who has been battling brain cancer and last night with God's prayers and support from friends, adam was able to make it to the studio. adam cook heared his younger brother sang live on american idol for the first time.... 4 mins and 38 seconds almost near the end of the video, the cameraman focused on him looking so proud!

pics of adam cook from wthitv.com

here's some bits of d article reporting adam's journey to california(click on the above link) that really moved me:
" Originally they [the doctors] wanted to bring him in [to the airport] on a gurney and he said 'You know I have to show people that I'm strong and that I'm going to make this trip.'

Quiet yet determined, Cook entered the terminal at Terre Haute International Airport. With the aid of just a cane, he made his way around the room, greeting family and friends before his flight.

The Cooks' Hollywood adventure is being made possible by a family friend, Darrick Scott, who helped get Clarian Health to donate a $40,000 medical flight. Doctor Michael Cravett, a physician with Lifeline and Clarian Health, told News 10 that Adam has "already outlived the normal prognosis for the type of cancer that he has. So when Darrick said, 'We need to send him out to California as soon as we can,' we jumped on it."

While David may be a star, Adam is also rising to new heights. Adam's wife says he's fighting to live "everyday. Every minute of every day he's just been fighting to... just to keep going." "

my prayers go out to adam cook and his family, hopefully he'll come out victorious in his battle with cancer. as for david cook, his fate lies with the american voters. am no american so i cannot vote, bt i do know that this blog has a reasonable amount of american readers, so... pls

VOTE for DAVID COOK and the heart and talent that comes with it.

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kehvin said...

yes to this david. no to the other david who is getting a little boring. when you believe!?!??! come on!

Anonymous said...

brain tumors r scary. watched this movie once about a kid who got brain cancer. at first he kinda got fits and half way in the middle stage, he got really clever. he could do chemistry questions, pouring liquids into tubes in a lab in his room. then towards the end he lost that ability and died. does that movie sound familiar to u?

Estabilizador e Nobreak said...

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phyl said...

kehvin: hahaha... yeah i noe wad u mean! david cook 4 d win! though we cant do much...

sam: all cancer r scary! d thought of suffering is scary! d movie u mention sounds familiar bt i dun tink i've watched it. hate watching movies lk dat... a box of kleenex wont b enuff!

estabilizador: r u a spam? cuz i tink i've read those exact lines sumwer? thx 4 adding me on ur blogroll nvrtheless.

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