seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

so, tomorrow...

... am gonna start my duty in the college's library.
the college is definitely succeeding in turning me into a GRADE A nerd.
first by introducing a new psychotic system... 16 bloody assignments in 14 weeks and a cut-throat 4 hours long duty in the library each week.

a law student cannot be a good librarian...
first, we talk too much.
second, we can be a lil too rigid
third, we have zero empathy (sometimes)
fourth, we wont be able to survive in a dull, humourless room for more than 2 hrs.
fifth, i fear i might turn into someone looking lk the picture below...

"overdue books will result in imprisonment... dont wait for the movie, read the book!.... thriller of the month... webster's dictionary"

4 hours a week in 3 months might turn me into something as inhumane as mrs whitson above.
trust me...argh!

3 gaps filled:

kehvin said...

where did you get this idea that being a librarian will turn you into some mid-age lady with beehive hairdo, grandma reading glasses and very blue eyeshadow?

Anonymous said...

i know it's unfair. but i think in other colleges/unis students on scholarships are asked to do something in the end, for their benefit :s

phyl said...

kehvin: whatever...

sam: sigh... cheap labour is mo lk it!!!!! dey gif u d scholarship n expect u to work 4 dem d entire year... wif dat dey dont haf 2 worry bout hiring... pfft

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