seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

popcorn tennis 2008 award

while most will be reading about who is wearing what in the SAGS award, an article written by darren saligari about tennis definitely has my vote for being the most entertaining.
no it has nothing to do with novak or sharapova winning the first grand slam of the year bt rather a special award given out to recognise 'entertaining individuals' throughout the Australian Open 2008. while the awarded winners may not have won any tennis-related silverware, their efforts, in saligari's opinion, should not be forgotten and it's totally ok that he added some much needed humour while he's at it too.

Popcorn Tennis award may be inaugural... bt saligari already claims it to be more prestigious than the Grammys bt nt up to par as the Oscars... well at least nt yet.

The first award is the “Choc Wedge Award” Rafael Nadal .

No explanation necessary for this one. The Spanish world No.2 has earned over $14 million dollars in prize money alone. Rafa, buy some new shorts. Please.

The “Value For Money Award”Marcos Baghdatis.
In three matches Baghdatis played two five setters and one four setter.

The “Best Impression of a Fly Award”
Yuri Sharapov.

Not sure what's going on here, but I thought it deserved some kind of award. If anybody has an explanation, please let me know.

The “More Bling than Tiffany's Award” Venus Williams.
Pretty self explanatory.

The “Racquet Origami AwardMarat Safin.
Looks like Marat's made a racquet heart here – Valentine's Day is only a couple of weeks away …

The “Scouts Award for Being the Best Prepared”Marcos Baghdatis.
Somehow he knew that his match with Lleyton Hewitt was going to stretch into the wee hours – as you can see in this picture not only did he bring his racquets, but also an overnight bag. He could have let the rest of us know.

The “Best One Liner Award”Andy Roddick.
“Stay in school kids, you'll end up becoming an umpire.”

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kehvin said...

i think jo wilfred tsonga deserves a special mention for being the most muhammad ali look alike.

phyl said...

lol... he does look a lot lk muhammad ali... d taller, thinner version tho...

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