seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

pinoy fiesta ihaw- ihaw

just 4 minutes and 12 seconds into the song 23, Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World sings..."I'll be 23... I won't always love what I'll never have... I won't always live in my regrets" showing the sign of maturity.
stef turns 23 today. an early celebration was done on thursday. we wanted to be a little more adventurous so we settled for some filipino food.
Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw-Ihaw Grill & Cafe is located just along Jalan Padungan. Located at the heart of Kuching City, Pinoy Fiesta isnt hard to find or rather hard to miss.

*the back of a banner that says 'Original recipes from the Phillipines' *

ordering was a challenge for the both of us. The menu was practically in tagalog with little english translations. just the simple word 'buko' caused a little confusion, prolonging a five minutes order into 15minutes.

*buko pandan shake and papaya milk juice*

I had buko pandan shake which was one of the restaurant's new specialties. 'Buko' actually means young coconut. The drink had a unique taste to it... something i encourage all to try. Stef was not too adventurous when it came to beverages though, choosing to go for papaya milk juice instead.

*steamed rice*

steamed rice came in a cute rotan woven plate.

*Lechon Kawali*

the waiter recommended Lechon Kawali. Pan fried three layer pork with some special sauce. Very greasy and fattening indeed. there goes the diet.


The waiter said that Lechon Kawali was best 'devoured' with vegetables. Pinakbet has five different vegetables cooked together with some kind of filipino belacan. Eggplant, ladies finger, pumpkin and long beans with a missing fifth vegetable. That was replaced with pork instead. i know MORE PORK. i think i should stick to a strict anti pork diet now.

The dinner was reasonably cheap, RM29.70. Lechon Kawali RM 10.00, Pinakbet RM 8.00, steam rice (x2) RM2.00, Papaya Juice RM4.00, Buko Pandan Shake RM3.00, 10% service charge RM2.70 and...
stef as dinner companion PRICELESS :)


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aaronparan said...

hahahaha. phyl, you're forever on a diet. no difference pun. diets, they're like, pointless. heheh.

anyway, i went to stef's bday party last night at mojo! small world eyy?

phyl said...

aaron: i know... i HAF 2 b more DISCIPLINE wif my diets... was suppose 2 attend d party... bt uncle frm sibu was here...

joyce said...

what happened to your diet plans phyl? you sounded so determine about it over msn. :)

phyl said...

joyce: diet plans 'kaput' bt i'll start today... :) HOPEFULLY

Samantha said...

eyy the photos look impressive. it looks safe to eat there. LOOL.

phyl said...

sam: the food was alright. we can haf dinner der some day with the gang.

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