seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

our ears and nose will never stop growing...

we've been fooled. Pinocchio's nose didnt grow longer every time he told a lie, he probably had some weird growth hormone in his system that made his nose grew ten times faster than a normal 'wooden' human being. reason for saying that...

*pics frm flickr.com

... 'our ears and nose will never stop growing.'

trust me, i panicked too when i saw that line from an article. i'm fine with my ears growing bigger but my nose! my nose is the one thing i really feel insecure about, nvrm the eyes... bt my nose. IT's already big and flat thank you. if there is a machine to measure the size of your nose, i think the machine would flash out a big 'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE A BIG NOSE!' in bright red.

There are two view points to it. Most people say that when we stop growing upon reaching 18 and 21 for some, both the nose and ears will not. However, some do believe that as we age, every part of our body will shrink, just not the nose and the ears.
either way, both views are pointing towards an enormous nose by the time we turn 80. Not comforting at all. With photoshop's liquifying tool, we can fast-forward 58 years and see how big my nose is when am 80.

attached on the face is a nose so big that even the lips became distorted. I look like a GNOME! think i need to find a piggy bank that says, 'PHYL'S FUTURE NOSE JOB FUND'.

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kehvin said...

i don't recall your nose being big at all. you have a cute button nose. your 80 yr old nose looks more like a malignant tumour to me.

phyl said...

kehvin: hahaha... cute button nose... instead of complimenting me, wanna donate 1 dollar into phyl's future nose job fund?

bian3033 said...

eeee...phy. u sounded happy bout the compliment. haha...
wah!!! big nose. hmmm... no wonder old pple has slightly bigger nose.
btw, ur nose look so jacky chan lah. hahaha...

phyl said...

hahaha... i tink i was tryin to sound happy so dat i can gt a donation 4 my future fund.
yeah i noe... so expect to haf a garlic lookin nose wen we'r older...
my dad's nose looks lk jackie chan's. lol

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