seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

phyllis the piggie


hi, i'm bubbles and i'll be blogging here today! phyllis the piggie is still sleeping because she has no morning class today.
phyllis the piggie is a piggie and not a morning person. she sets her alarm clock at 7.45 am every morning but it does not work. when her alarm rings, she'll snooze it and go back to bed. by 8.00 am, i'll sit outside her room and start howling until she gets up. this happens every morning!

phyllis the piggie will then drag herself out of bed and give a zombie-like walk out of her room. it is funny because her hair is super messy. *giggles*

by 8.05am phyllis the piggie will lock herself in the bathroom. i'll sit and wait just by the door. mummy told me how piggie phyllis the piggie can be. she has a tendency to dooze off while seating on the toilet bowl. my job here is to scratch the door if she spends a long time in there bathing, sleeping, peeing or shitting.

when that happens, phyllis the piggie gets annoyed. she'll shout at me. she's a piggie and a meanie.

by 8.20am, phyllis the piggie will come out from the bathroom smelling really good.it makes me wanna lick her. i like to see phyllis the piggie then, because her hair is less messy and she is pretty like me. hehehe.

after changing into her clothes, phyllis the piggie will make her way to the kitchen. this is my favourite part. breakfast. YUM. sometimes i'll beg for food but only when i'm hungry. when phyllis the piggie is in a good mood, she'll share. when phyllis the piggie is in a bad mood, she'll ignore me. that makes me little tummy hungry and empty :(

by 8.30am, phyllis the piggie will rush into her study room to pack her bag. lazy phyllis the piggie never listens to mummy. she loves doing things last minute. it annoys me too. i'll bark at her sometimes just so that she'll hurry up!

before phyllis the piggie leaves home for college, i'll give her my hugs and goodbye kisses. it has become a routine.

phyllis the piggie loves to speed sometimes. i know because she does that even when i'm in the car. it makes me sick in the stomach. she's a rascal. mummy said that i should give her daily reminders about her driving.

when phyllis the piggie is at college, i'll wait by the front door everyday day till about 5 pm. that's when phyllis the piggie comes home with mummy. as piggie as phyllis the piggie is, i still love her and i know she loves me too when she comes home with yummy yummy treats.

owh it's almost 10am. time to wake phyllis the piggie up for her afternoon class today. cya.

luv and kisses;
bubbles :)

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